Wide-leg Trousers

end of summer outfit

Hi Guys

For today I wore these loose trousers from H&M. Although it’s not easy for me as a curvy girl to wear crêpe pants I feel confident wearing this one. Here are some tips for curvy girls out there on how to style a loose pants.



I choose this specific pair for the color. I love the contrast between the dark color and bright red strips on the sides. It compliments a curvy figure and gives the elusion of longer slicker legs. You can pick any other color but I suggest to stay away from floral or multi colored or checkered pants.


The key to pull off loose pants is to keep the whole outfit as simple as possible. A simple shirt with similar color would be a great choice.

Don’t wear your hair down, it makes the whole look kind of heavy. A pony tail or a top knot would be a much better choice. I prefer a top knot since it makes me look taller instantly.


Depending on the length of the pants you can pair them with high heels or flats. I personally think this one looks good with a pair of pointy-toe flats.






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