Ways to Improve Your Mood When You’re Feeling Down

tips to improve your mood when you feel down

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We all may feel down and uninspired once in a while. Today I’m sharing with you what helps me stay motivated at those days.

1-Red lipstick

Wearing makeup in general is really helpful but a red lipstick works wonders. If red is not your color go for a bright vibrant color and stay away from nude lipstick.

Dior lipstick from kicks.se

2- Cold Shower

Take a quick cold shower. The icy water will put your body and mind on full alert. I dare to say that I feel more alive after a cold shower.

3-Dress up

Dress like you’re going to an important meeting. Remember those times that you presented yourself as a confident sophisticated individual, dress up exactly the same way.

4-Spend time with your furry friend

If you don’t have a pet visit the nearest shelter. Animals unconditional love and attention can lift any esprit at any time. Psychiatrist believe that animals are great help in treating people who suffer from anxiety or depression.

canon SX60 HS


I’m not talking about professional dancing just move your body. Put your favorite music on and dance. Do all the silly moves that you won’t do in front of others for 10-15 minutes. Although doing any exercise or training will be helpful I think it takes lots of strength to do that when one feels down. Therefore dancing is a great option and it definitely works.




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