Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends (2016)

Fall 2016 trends

Hi Guys

Here are some of this Fall fashion trends:



This one is my absolute favorite. Satin pants or blouses are great choice for those who doesn’t feel comfortable to wear a satin dress.


These are all over the runways. They come in different colors, material and length so It’s easy to find a perfect one for every body type.


You definitely can find one that match your style. They’re chic and faltering for all shapes and body types in addition to being easy to style up.



Lace is one of the most significant trends of this season, either as a part of a piece in mixture with other materials or a whole outfit.



It’s all about sleeves. Dramatic sleeves can elevate any simple outfit and take it to another level.

These are my favorite trends, what I like to add to my wardrobe. Remember that these seasonal trends are here to spice up your existing wardrobe, you don’t need to buy all of them. Pick your favorite ones that work for you, this way you’ll get the best of what you’ve already have.

Would you wear any of these trends that I picked? What are your favorites?



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