The Most Romantic Spot in Copenhagen

Winter in Copenhagen



Hi guys

Last week we decided to visit Copenhagen for a day. Copenhagen is known for beautiful seasides, old amazing buildings, shopping and the food.


In December in addition to Christmas market there is another attraction that I personally really like-beside the shopping- and it’s Tivoli the amusement park and garden.During the day it’s more suitable for kids and teenagers. Beside all the activities there are lots of festive decorations and music all over the park that make Tivoli more interesting at this time of the year. There are also a Christmas market every year where you can find every possible Christmasy objects from ornaments to chocolates and lights.

Tivoli Copenhagen

My favorite time is after the dark. The park and the garden turns to magical place when all the lights turns on. It’s really romantic and a perfect place to take a walk with love ones or have dinner at one of the restaurants.


Tivoli 4

If you get cold- which you most definitely would- there are big pots of burning coal here and there to warm you. I’m not going to lie these spots are my most favorites. Nothing can compete with standing by a warm small fire and watch all that beautiful light shows and listen to Christmasy musics.

Tivoli the amusement park

Tivoli in Copenhagen

The lake is one of the most beautiful spots in Tivoli Garden. Every hour from 19:45 the lakes turns to a magical place, a combination of light, laser dance, fire and music.

Tivoli In Copenhagen


We really had such a great time there that we’re talking about do this every year.







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