The body shop “Oils Of Life” review

The Body Shop oils of life

Hi guys

About 3 weeks ago I bought the body shop OILS OF LIFE collection. IMG_5527

I love The Body Shop skin products. I’ve been a satisfied customer for six years now. In addition to that I love using oil on my skin, for some reason it works really well on my skin. IMG_5529

According to The Body Shop, this line contains three types of seed oil; Black Cumin seed, Camellia seed,  Rose hip seed (for more information about the benefits of these oils on your skin click on the names) which all are miracle workers so I couldn’t resist and purchased the cream as well.


During last 3 weeks I’ve used the oil twice a day, in the morning and at  night. Since it’s really cold and windy where I live, I can get away with using oil on my skin even during the day. But if you are lucky and living in a warm sunny place you might want to avoid using any kind of oil on your skin during the day.


I use the cream every night and it feels amazing, it gives me a smooth skin instantly. Although I’ve used cream at the top of oil on my skin every night during last 3 weeks, my skin has never felt overwhelmed or too oily in the morning. Instead it is like that my skin absorbs all of that while I’m asleep and feels refreshed in the morning.IMG_5917

Although I don’t claim to have a perfect skin, I can say that my skin hasn’t been this good for a really long time and I believe that it’s a result of using these products since I haven’t changed any thing else in my skin care routine. Please consider that I have a combination skin type and you may have a different result if you have another skin type.

Have you used these products? Are you satisfied with the results? Please share your feedbacks in the comments.





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