5 Keys to Layering in Winter (curvy girls guide)


Hi guys

We  have seen girls all over social media who wear a biker or bomber jacket over a  jumper with a pair of jeans for a cold-read it with hand gesture- winter day. But that’s not reality for us who live in cold parts of Europe, Canada, Asia….some days wearing 3-4 layer is the only way to stay warm. In some cities -14°C is a normal temperature during the winter.

Although we all know that the key to stay warm in Winter is layering, many girls (specially curvy girls like me) are not comfortable with this idea. They think that it would make them look bulky, here are 5 key pieces that I think will help you stay warm without turning to a pile of clothes.

1- Choose the right parka

Parka is an essential piece. It comes in many different shapes, length, materials and prices. Choose one that comes with a belt-or with drawstring around waist, it will show your curves and body-shape . Don’t forget to choose one with a hoodie. It’s a necessity to protect your face on snowy or windy days.

Ralph Lauren parka

You can check some of my favorites here, here and here (all on sail).

2-Quilted jacket

quilted jacket

A thin quilted jacket is a good investment. You can wear it under a parka or under an oversized coat for more protection. Also it’s good on its own with a pair of jeans and your favorite boots. I love this one that I bought a few years back. It’s thin yet warm and the color combination is exactly what I like. There are lots of options out there I link some of my favorites down.

Similar here, here and here.

3-Thermal clothing

Gant boots

They called thermal underwear too and usually are style of two pieces; top and legging. Top comes in many different style; long or short sleeves, top tanks, high neck……while the leggings can be short or long you can even find thermal thighs. Regardless of the style they are game changers since they are thin and keep you really warm. While you have them on, you can wear almost any outfit on top no matter how cold it is without feeling bulky. Usually the information about the material and how much protection you get are provided on the label so you can easily pick one that suits the climate you are living in. I picked up mine from M&S you can find various options on their site under Thermal category.

4- Tights with fleece lining

These are not as protective as the thermal leggings but they are the next best option which keep your legs warm under skirt or a dress. I don’t suggest to wear them underneath tight jeans since they’re not as thin as thermal ones. They are easily accessible online or in wide range of stores, they’re even available on eBay, amazon and target.

5-Winter boots

From UGG to Aquatalia there are vast range of winter boots so you can easily find one that matches your budget and needs. If possible pick them a half size bigger than your shoe size this will allow you to wear thick winter socks without feeling uncomfortable. You can check the ones I’m wearing here.


The last tip is that instead of carrying  a big purse or tote, pick a medium or small bag preferably a cross body bag. The vertical line over your body gives the elusion of taller and slimmer figure.

Wish you all having fun and stay warm during cold Winter days.



Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

Hi guys

Today I’m talking about my favorite trends for this season and share with you some of my picks from different stores.

1-Feminine dress

This one is all over the place, you can wear it all day and take it to night by adding a pair of high heels. Here are some of the dresses that I like:


2-Faux fur

I personally prefer the vest. It’s chic and versatile you can use it as a layering piece or just wear it over a midi feminine dress for a chic party look. Free People website is the best place to find faux fur coats and jackets.

fur winter2017

3-Turtle neck

This one is my favorite. It looks good under a leather jacket with a pair of relax flare pants or under a chunky sweater over your favorite pair of jeans.  I prefer neutral colors since I can wear them with almost everything. Asos offers many in different styles, colors and materials.



I love anything in velvet; from pants to coats. They are feminine, elegant and romantic.

velvet Winter 2017

5-Double breasted coat

All kind of double breasted coats; long, midi short, sleeveless …… all are on trend this Winter. No mater what your figure and hight is you will find one that fits you.

double-breasted-coats Winter2017



Disclaimer: None of the photos are mine. This post is not sponsored.