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Where To Go In Sweden?

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When it comes to nature and magnificent scenery, Sweden has a lot to offer.  Many of these places have been described as “hidden gems” or  “a piece of heaven on earth”  by visitors. During summer time Ängelholm is one of those places.

Angelholm beach

It’s a beautiful city on the West coast in southern Sweden.  Beautiful houses stranded by beautiful gardens are all over the city. The long sandy seashore and clean blue water makes it perfect for both swimmers and sunbath lovers.

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There are lots of local diners and bars in addition to hotels and B&Bs. If you are fan of camping there are several camping zones in the area too. There is also an adventure park called Upzone , that has one of the longest ziplines in Sweden. (more information here). Clean blue sky over the greenery creates a breathtaking view.

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If you like kayaking or canoeing,  Rönne River which runs through the city is perfect for you. This River is also one of the four rivers in Sweden which are popular for fishing salmons.Angelholm, Sweden

One of my favorite activities is cycling along the beautiful seashore especially before sunset. There are amazing views at both sides from harbors to ponds. This place is also attractive for nature photographers due to it’s astonishing sights.

Angelholm, Sverige

Hope you all get the chance to visit this beautiful city.

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How To Destress

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Weekends are not just for tiding around the house or catching up. It’s time to refuel our engines for a week ahead. For me the best way to do that is to reconnect with nature. That’s why when last Saturday our friends invited us to have breakfast with them in a beautiful place which called “Rögle Dammar” it was a dream come true.

Rögle Dammar is such a peaceful magical place; five fishing ponds surrounded by trees and bushes.


We settled down between two ponds beside a wooden chalet – just to be safe because here in Sweden you never know when it starts raining – and had breakfast.


Then we explored the place. walking around watching the beautiful surrounding area I felt so in peace and alive at the same time.


At the last pond we sat down for a while to enjoy the view. I guess we needed a moment or two to take in all the beauty and let it settle in.


It was such a fantastic day. Spending time in nature , in my opinion, is the best way to regain the energy. It makes me feel refreshed and helps me leave all the stress and pressure behind.


Walking there, listening to the birds and watching the scenes around me was like meditation.


Just a few hours in nature is the best medicine for an stressed anxious mind like mine.


What Do you think? What is your favorite way to regain your power during weekend? Please share your ideas in the comments.