Hi guys

These are my favorite outfits during last week.

FullSizeRender 5

Sneakers: adidas, Trousers: Asos, Jumper: H&M, Scarf: LV

FullSizeRender 2

Boots: Geox, Dress: Massimo Dutti, Cardigan: old one from my closet, Scarf: also from my closet

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Ankle boots: Asos, Knited dress: Lindex, Long cardigan:Contemporary Reflections,Scarf: LV, Bag: Pepe

For me clothes are more than a cover for my body, they are part of who I am. Lets be honest, first impression is based on appearance, whether we like it or not. In addition to that we express ourselves through our outfits. What we wear is a reflection of our lifestyle, likes, dislikes, even our beliefs. That is why I am so fascinated by personal style and fashion in general. Although I always have an eye -like all of you- on what’s trendy but I don’t always follow that. When I go shopping I’m looking for something that can become part of my own style, not just a piece in my closet. First quality I look for is comfort. I mean, if I wear something that makes me uncomfortable, no matter what it is, It won’t look good on me. Most importantly I won’t feel confident wearing it while as you know confidence is what all stylish women around the world have in common, so it’s a must have. When I say comfortable, I mean anything that allow me to be myself. Truth is, it does not matter if you choose to wear high heels all day, or a pair of converse, whatever that makes you feel confident is the right choice for you and you will look your best wearing it.

What do you think? Do you agree? What is the key to your personal style? Please let me know.




My favorite pair of jeans

Hi guys

We all are familiar with the Boyfriend jeans. It has been around for quite time now and we all have our favorite one that can not live without it. Mine is this pair of Denim and supply jeans which is soft, comfortable and  loose without being baggy. It is loose at the top and a little bit tighter at the bottom which in my opinion makes it perfect. 


There are many ways to wear a boyfriend jean. Today I share with you the three ways that I wear this baby. The two first ones are suitable for university or office (depends on where you work). The last one is more appropriate for a relaxed and chill weekend.

First look:


Scarf from my closet, Shirt  EspritShoes Ecco

September nights , in this part of the world are cold enough to require a light cover up. So I always take a jacket or something like that along. This is my favorite jacket from Guess that I think completes the first look.


Second look:


T-shirt Massimo Dutti similar from Zara , Scarf an old one from my closet, Shoes adidas

I like to wear this Massimo Dutti blazer on top :


Here is a similar one from Zara.

Third outfit:


Tanktop from my closet, Scarf from Le Boudoir d’Eden, Shoes BCBGeneration.

I love to add this cozy, warm hoodie from Hollister to this lookIt’s a perfect choice for chilout weekend.


Of course you can dress it up by adding heels to your outfit. I don’t do that because sidewalks are paved in the city I live in and it can ruin best heels in matter of minutes (believe me, I’ve seen it,I’ve lived it). So if you are lucky enough to live in a city whithout paved streets or sidewalks, go ahead and wear your heels with proud.

  That’s it for today guys. Hope you like it. Please share with me how  you wear your favorite pair of jeans.