Best Treatment For Fine Lines: Three Products, Review

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I had some fine lines on my neck so I have tried three products to treat those fine lines through the last year. Here are my thoughts and feedback on them.

According to  EstēeLauder this product which contains Hyaluronic Acid will give you smoother, more radiant and more even skin. In addition, to reduce the aging signs it will moisturize your skin.
Reduces the fine lines, gives more radiant and smoother skin

The Advanced Night Repair comes in a dark brownish glass bottle with a dropper on the top. it’s a serum which must be applied on clean skin. One can use any type of moisturizer or night cream on top of it. I’m not a fan of the smell, it’s too chemical, but it won’t last that long. This one is the most expensive one among the three also the easiest to use due to the dropper.

This is the first product I’ve ever tried in attempting to reduce the fine lines on my neck. Around 2 weeks after I had started using the Advanced Night Repair I recognized some changes in my skin tone, it looked more even and brighter than before. But there weren’t any significant changes in fine lines on my neck, even after finishing the bottle which took me about 2 months. It definitely gave me a more radiant skin, I even blended it with my foundation to create a glowy look which worked very well.  I wasn’t satisfied with the moisturizing effect either. I always felt that my skin dried out after using it which I found it weird. Advanced Night Repair from EstēeLauder contains Hyaluronic Acid which has a great capacity to attract and hold moisture. So you understand my confusion about my skin dryness after using it.

Price: 98$ for 50ml

The Lemon Facial Peel is a vegan product. According to OleHenriksen website, this product will reduce the fine lines while helps to reduce discoloration which will result in a more even skin tone.
OleHenriksen Lemon Facial Peel
Reduce the fine lines and discoloration

This is a dense cream which comes in a blue container with a white cab. There is also a small white brush which can be used to apply the product.

I started using the Lemon Facial Peel from OH recently after my skin had a really bad reaction to a new product. My goal was to get a fresh and healthy looking skin. The truth is I wasn’t even thinking about fine lines. The first time using Lemon Facial Peel I was a little scared since the tingling on my skin was more than what I expected. As instructed I washed it off after 10 minutes whilst all my face was tingling. I was amazed by the result. My skin was definitely glowy and radiant and I’ve got that result after the first time. After a week my skin was completely clear and realized that  2 small fine lines on my forehead had disappeared. So I decided to use it on my neck as well. I am so happy with the result. To be fair after using  Lemon Facial Peel I apply Truth serum from OleHenriksen too which definitely had an impact on my skin during this process.

Price: 48$ for 50ml

According to Alpha-H this can be used as atoner, exfoliator or serum to reduce the fine lines, minimize the pigmentation and improve the texture of the skin even to reduce the acne. Also, it helps to moisturize the skin.
Alpha-H Liquid Gold
Minimize the fine lines, smoother skin

The Liquid gold is the most affordable one among the three products. It also is the most effective one when it comes to reducing the fine lines. Although it’s a slow process it is definitely worth waiting.  It took me about three weeks to see any results considering that I applied the Liquid Gold every other night as it instructed on the bottle. While I was researching the Liquid Gold by Alpha-H I found out that many girls are using it every night without having any reaction or other problems. Saying that I suggest you follow the direction on the bottle just to be safe.

Although the Liquid Gold supposes to” increase the moisture within the skin” according to Alpha-H, my skin felt dry after using it, so I top it with a moisturizer. Despite this, my skin felt much softer and smoother after a month or so.

Price: 60$ 100ml


To sum it up, the Liquid Gold by Alpha-H is the one for you if you want to reduce the fine lines and create a softer skin.

If you are looking for a brighter, more radiant skins the Lemon Facial Peel by OleHenriksen is a perfect choice for you.

I don’t recommend the Advanced Night Repair by EsteēLauder, especially if you are on the budget since it’s an overpriced product in my opinion.



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Attention: while using products that contain AHA, use a sunscreen with higher SPF to protect your skin.




GlamGlow DreamDuo Review

his one called GlamGlow DreamDuo. It’s an over night treatment and supposed to give you a makeup-ready skin in the morning.

Hi guys

GlamGlow DreamDuo

It is time for another product review. This one called GlamGlow DreamDuo. It’s an over night treatment and supposed to give you a makeup-ready skin in the morning. The packaging is decent. It’s silver and black with a big star on the lid. Opening the lid the first thing that caught my attention was the scent which I get used to pretty fast. I can’t tell exactly what it reminds me of but I’m sure that I’ve tried something before with similar scent. The container is divided in two section one is filled with a white serum and another one is filled with grayish creamy substance.

GlamGlow DreamDuo

According to instruction one should wait about 30 second between applying them. The white serum is the first step.  While it’s not particularly moisturizing , it makes my skin feel fresh. I usually start brushing my teeth straight after applying it, this way it sits on  the skin for a few minutes. Then I apply the grey one. This one has more weigh to it and won’t be absorbed as fast as the white serum. It does not feel greasy or heavy though.

To be honest I didn’t expect so much when I bought the DreamDuo. I had some discount and decided to try this one out. But I have to admit that the result was incredible.  After the first night I could see the difference on my skin. It looked more even and fresh. I even realized that my foundation looked better on my skin. I was so happy and impressed by the result that I decided to use it every night. I mean who doesn’t like to have a perfect skin everyday, right? I felt that I found the answer to all my skin problems, I was on the moon.

GlamGlow DreamDuo

Unfortunately after a 5-6 days some red blemishes appeared on my T-Zone.  Since this product was the only change I had made in my skin routine I stoped using it immediately. It took only four five days before my skin went back to its normal state. But I couldn’t let it go since the first result was really good I was determined to find a way to use GlamGLow DreamDuo. So I started to do some experiences to find the best way of using it for my skin type. Long story short I found out that for a combination skin type – like mine-it was best to use DreamDuo every other night and use a normal night cream in between to get an amazing result.

GlamGlow DreamDuo

I need to say that I’m not strict about this routine. For example when I have an important event to attend to and I want my make up to be perfect I may use it two nights in a row but I make sure that my skin will rest the night after that.

Over all I love GLamGlow DreamDuo over night mask. I think no matter what is your skin type you can use it. I think those with dry skin can use it every night, I envy you for that by the way. Those with an oily T-zone may find my routine more appropriate for their skin type. But  if you have an oily skin, in my opinion, it is best to use it occasionally.



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