One Piece Two Outfit

Hi guys

For a really long time I wanted to have a pair of red shoes but I had never been brave enough to buy one. It may sound strange but I had this thought at the back of my head telling me that I won’t be able to pull it off. As a result I did not have any red shoes in my closet despite the fact that I had tried and loved many at different stores during the years. Two months ago when I tried this specific pair from RIZZO I fell in love and I couldn’t leave without them.


I’m so happy that I bought them, they’re beautiful, comfortable and well made. I believe they go with any outfit. Here are two different ways that I like to style it:

1.First outfit




2. Second outfit



The good news is they are currently on sale. You can check them here.

Do you wear red shoes? How do you feel about it? Please share your thoughts down in the comments, I’d love to read them.




Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored and I purchased all the items with my own money.



Winter essentials

Hi guys

Here are 7 items that I think every girl needs to upgrade her closet for the winter.

1-  Warm classic coat

Choose a model that you feel comfortable wearing it and pick a neutral color. This way you get to wear it with almost anything.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

The coat is from Karen Millen (similar here)

2- Blanket scarf

You can find them at any store, with different color, material and price. I think this is a must have. Since you get to use them during autumn and spring nights I suggest to purchase two scarves with different colors; one dark color and one in a lighter shade.


The left one is from ZARA (similar here), the right one is from Hollister (similar here)

3- Hat/ Beanie

I personally prefer hat, but if you leave in a cold climate, beanie is a must have. Since beanies are popular again, I’m sure you can find something you like. When it comes to hats, honestly I can’t get enough of them. A good shape hat can elevate any outfit immediately.


The hat is from Esprit (here is a similar one on sale), The beanie is from Bickley$Mitchel.

4-Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are here to stay for a long time, that I’m sure about. So look at it as an investment. Please don’t compromise when it comes to shoes. It’s important to wear shoes that are comfortable and support your feet, knees and back properly. Don’t buy cheep shoes ( ask yourself why they’re so cheap? ). Shoes are investment not only in financial terms, but they are also important regarding your health. Choose wisely.


I bought mine from Zalando and they are on sale right now.

5-Warm leggings/tights

I love this fleece lined leggings from Åhlens. There are other brands like Forever 21 that offer the similar type of leggings. Since this is the only one that I have tried I can’t suggest other ones.



I always wear gloves when it is cold. Proper gloves can be stylish and protect your hands at the same time. I love wearing gloves. I even wear mitten occasionally.


I just want to emphasize that all of these are just suggestions and what I like.  Just remember that confidence is the most important accessory you need. Style is not about the cloth that you are wearing, it’s about how you choose to wear them.

What are your winter essentials? leave them in comments below. By the way all the photos are from my Instagram account. You can find me at @nastarann20.