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Lipstick Guide

Hi guys

We all know that lipsticks can look different on each person. Depending on hair color, skin tone, shape of the lips and the rest of makeup, one color can look a shade darker, brighter, paler,……. . Some girls think that they need to stick to one shade when it comes to lipsticks. Although we all have (and need) our favorite reliable go-to color I believe that everyone can pull off any lipstick, all you need is to know how to master it. Here are some tips that I picked up through the years to help me wear different lipstick shades much better.

1-Dark shadesMac CosmeticsMac lipstick Power Driven(Deep wine burgandy)

  • Always use lip pencil to shape your lips and define lip lines
  • Don’t wear heavy eyeshadows. Unless you are an expert or really good. It’s really hard to combine these two and keep the look chic.
  • Wear a full coverage foundation.
  • Keep the eyebrows as natural as possible.

2-Bright red or bright orange

Mac lipstick

Mac Lipstick So Chaud (Intense reddish-orange)

  • Don’t wear too much blush. In most cases a simple contouring will be enough.
  • Use a lip pencil, just make sure that they match.
  • Use lip primer.
  • Don’t forget the highlighter .

3-Nude or brown toned

Mac Cosmetic

Mac Lipstick Cherish (Soft muted peachy-beige)

  •  Don’t forget contouring and don’t be scared to go a little overboard with it (just a little).
  • Eye liner and double coat mascara are necessary.
  • Always add concealer to avoid looking tired or sleepless.
  • Wearing a full coverage foundation is advisable.

4-Pink or violet toned


Mac Lipstick Dressed To Thrill (Soft petal pin)

  • DON’T WEAR COLORFUL EYESHADOW. I can’t stress this enough.
  • The rest of make up should be subtle and simple.
  • Avoid orange toned contouring colors.
  • Stick to one color pallet.

Remember that these are just suggestions while everyone can have their own preferences.



Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All photos belongs to Mac Cosmetic website.

DIY lip balm

Beauty hack

Hi guys

A few days ago I dropped my favorite blush and broke it. Since I really like the color, I used the small pieces to make a lip balm.

FullSizeRender 12

I thought it was a good idea to share with you this beauty hack (if I may call it that) which gives you an opportunity to reuse those broken pieces.

Here are what you need:

FullSizeRender 13

1-pices of a broken blush( obviously!!!) , 2- a deep vessel , 3- coconut oil , 4- anything that you can use as a pestle, 5- small container with a lid

put the pieces in the vessel and use the pestle to powder them,


Then add the coconut oil and mix them together, you can use the vessel to do that. The more oil you add the lighter the color will become, so add little by little until you reach the color that looks good and also all the powder is mixed with oil. Just make sure that you have  a smooth texture in the end. Now put it in a small container which has a lid. FullSizeRender 11

Voilà: you have a new beautiful balm which is reach and moisturizing. You can use a lipstick brush or your fingers to apply it. This is how mine looks like:

FullSizeRender 10


Remember that I just used the small pieces not the whole blush.

Please share your beauty hacks down in the comments.