Dior Lip Tattoo Review

Addict Lip Tattoo Lip Gloss Review

Dior Lip Tattoo

Hi Guys

Addict Lip Tattoo is my new favorite lipstick/lipgloss. Since I bought it two months ago I’ve been wearing it every single day.

As usual the packaging is meticulous. It has the Dior Addict lipstick signature shape with a shiny silver bell at the top which is the handle of a foam applicator. The applicator feels soft and moves really smoothly on the lips. Unlike the other liquid/fluid lipstick from Dior this one does not come in a glassy see-through container. Although you can’t see the actual color the container is in the same color as the lipstick only in mat. I find this a little bit confusing since this isn’t a mat lipstick by any definition.

Dior cosmetic

Addict Lip Tattoo is described as “Long wear tint with extreme weightless feel” by Dior (check it here). I agree with the second part, I wouldn’t feel it on my lips if it wasn’t for the taste which is good by the way. It’s a little bit sweet yet it’s not too much. But when it comes to “long wear” it’s not exactly what I had expected. This lipgloss comes off whenever I eat or drink something yet it last really long hours as well. Let me explain; The first time I saw the lipstick stain left on the coffee mug I was disappointed. Until two hours later when I stood in front of a mirror to retouch my makeup. Then I realized that my lips looked much brighter and more colorful than ever. It didn’t look like that I was wearing any lipstick and I definitely didn’t feel anything on my lips. Yet here I was staring at my lips in amazement. After a few days I find out that If I want a natural look all I need is to move the applicator once on my lips. The Addict Lip Tattoo leaves a hint of color on my lips that looks so natural. It’s the most natural looking lipstick I’ve ever come across. In that case it won’t come off. On the other hand this is a lipstick that you can build up to create a more dramatic look which will come off layer by layer until your lips are left with a tint of color. This would be fantastic natural look after a whole night drinking and dancing with your partner. It guarantees that you won’t say good night without a kiss, or more than that.

Lip Tattoo Color Tint

The color I’m using currently calls Natural Beige (number 421) I also like the color Natural Rosewood (number 491) which I’ve already ordered and waiting for it to arrive. If there is one product you want to try this summer let it be the Addict Lip Tattoo from Dior.

Links: Kicks ( Scandinavian cosmetic store), Sephora, Selfridges.



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Dior skin Nude air foundation

Foundation review; Diorskin Nude Air Foundation

Hi guys

I’ve been using Dior foundations for a long time. The one that I use now is Diorskin Nude Air foundation. It comes in 9 different shades and I use number 021 Linen. It has a yellowish base which is perfect for my skin tone.


To be honest I was a little bit confused at first since I’ve never used (or even seen) a liquid foundation. I mean it’s runny like water, yet the coverage is amazing. I have to admit that the coverage is not like Diorskin Nud Fluid (which used to be my favorite in so long) but you can easily build it up. All you have to do is to use a little bit extra on the area that you think needs more coverage. Since it’s liquid you can blend it in easily. What I love is that it’s really light on the skin almost like you wear nothing. And it lasts pretty long on the skin. I have an oily T-zone yet this foundation lasts flawlessly on my skin for about 5 hours. After that all I need is a tap of powder and I’m good to go.


The only down side is that you can’t travel with it, it may leak and destroy your makeup bag. I’m talking from experience, always keep the bottle in an upright position.

Shake the bottle well before using it. You can get away using a foundation brush but I suggest to use a damp beauty blender to get the best result.

In short the Diorskin Nude Air foundation is my recent favorite. It has a smooth flawless finishing that lasts really long.

What is your favorite foundation? Do you have any recommendation that you think I need to try? Please let me know in comments.