Summer Beach Essentials

Hi Guys

Finally  weather is warm enough to go to the beach. Although the water is still freezing cold for me and I didn’t get to swim, sitting in the sun while listening to birds and feeling the hot sand on my skin was really amazing.


In my opinion to have a great time and enjoy the moment is the first priority yet being safe and taking care of myself is equally important. So I try to be prepared and make sure that I have everything I need with me.


Before leaving I pack some snacks. I prefer fruits or veggies for hot days since they contain lots of water. I keep them cold using an insulated bag this way eating them feels good in the heat.



Any kind of sun-blocker is a must have for a sunny day. I use sun cream on my face and lotion for my body. Remember that you should reapply it every two hours or so.  I’m a little too concerned about all the damage and danger that the sun can cause from skin burn to skin cancer thats why I in addition wear a hat to protect my face.



Everyone knows that staying hydrated is the key to stay healthy but when you are in the heat it is more crucial to drink water, lots of water. If you don’t like to drink plane water add a few pice of fruit or mint or a few drops of lime to it.


If I plan to spend a whole day at beach I’ll take my favorite magazine to read it while I’m laying and sunbathing. I also take my camera with me, there are lots of opportunities to take amazing photos while I’m walking on the beach.



Last but not least I take a little bottle of hand sanitizer and a deodorant spray for obvious reason.


We had a great time at the beach then we went to city and ate dinner before coming home. At that point the weather wasn’t that hot any more so having a light cover up was a good idea.


What do you take on a beach trip? Do you have anything to add to my list? please share them in the comments.



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How To Shop For Clothes

Hi guys

I think it’s time to share my tips for a successful sale shopping, since lots of brands and stores are having promotions and sales these days.

1-Have a check list

I know that you’ve heard this thousand times and there is a reason for that; It works! I promise you this is the most effective way to shop. Check your wardrobe and have a list of all items you need to replace or add. And please do yourself a favor and stick to the list.

2- Know your colors

We all have favorite color or colors. You don’t need to be expert to know your color. All you need to do is open your closet, what is the most common colors? Now take a look at the pieces that you wear the most, what color are they? Now that you know your colors, it will be easier to shop, just ignore anything that is not in that colors because I promise, you won’t wear it.

3-Creat a mental picture

With every piece you need to be able to picture different outfits with at least two items that you’ve already owned. If you can’t, DON’T BUY IT. If you buy such a thing you will end up spending more money since you need to find new pieces that go with it. The very purpose of sale shopping is to spend less money. So be smart and take advantage of it.


4- Don’t let the price seduce you

We all have been there. I mean when you’ve bought something because it’s really cheap or comparing to original price it seemed to be cheap. Then it ended up in depth of your closet. After few moths (sometimes years ) you finally gave up and admitted that you never going to wear it so you had to let it go. Remember? So do yourself a favor and ignore any piece that does not fit in the last three category.

5- Check all departments

Yes that’s right. When you do sale shopping check men and kids departments too. Obviously you won’t be able to buy a party dress from a men section. But you can definitely shop for a pair of jeans at men section, they call it boyfriend jean after all! Or find accessories at kids’ section for really cheap price. I don’t know why but usually the price at those departments goes down faster than the women department. So make sure you’ve seen what they have to offer.


That’s it guys, these are my tips for you. What are your tips for sale shopping? Share some of your wisdom down in the comments, I would love to learn from you.