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…..face-masking is not necessary a time-consuming process. There are lots of quick masks….Here are three under 5 minutes face mask…..

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Face masks are my obsession. Despite most people think face-masking is not necessary a time-consuming process. There are lots of quick masks that you can try. Here are three of my favorites.

Glamglow InstaMud

This is a perfect face mask for bussy girls since it only takes 60 seconds to work its’ magic on your skin. It minimizes the pore and gives me a more even skin. In addition to that, this one has a kind of cooling effect on my skin which is really pleasant in the morning and it’s like a wake-up call to all my senses. I feel sharper and more awake after applying it. Let’s be honest the beautiful purple color has a definite role. This is the only face mask that I take on holidays with me since it’s fast, effective and gives me a smoother skin.

Price: 42$/50ml

GlamGlow InstaMud



The Wonder Mud by Biotherm is a deep cleansing mask which works fairly faster than any other ones that I’ve tried. I leave this wonderful mask for 3 minutes on my skin and I get a cleaner, brighter skin with less visible pores. It does all that without drying out my skin. I had no redness or harsh feeling that I usually get from other deep cleansing products. As a result, I don’t need to wait for my skin to calm down and can apply makeup straight away. I love it.

Price: 54$/75ml

Biotherm Wonder Mud

Links:,  Ahlens,

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Mask

I use this 3 minutes mask every morning. It only takes 3 minutes to works through my skin and brings it back to life. In addition to that, I don’t need to wash it off. All I have to do is to wipe off the remaining residue which is really convenient.

Price: 33$/60ml

Comfort Zone Face Mask

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Full Coverage Makeup Tutorial



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