White Shirt-Dress

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H&M white shirt-dress

White shirt-dress, Scarf, Leggings (similar), Bag , Shoes (similar)

White crisp shirt-dress is one of my favorite pieces. It’s a clever twist on a classical piece. It’s fresh, chic and versatile.I think the easiest way to style a white shirt dress is to play with accessories. This outfit is one of my favorite one since it’s sharp, comfortable and chic.

Styling a white shirt-dress

Since the whole look is only black&white it’s important to choose more colorful accessories. Like this beautiful silk scarf.

MassimoDutti scarf

Burberry handbag

For a curvy girl like me it’s important to use a belt to emphasize my waist whenever I wear oversized clothes.

style a white shirt-dress

Burberry handbag

White shirt-dress

I think it’s a great outfit for a Spring weather.

styling a white shirt-dress



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4 Ways to Accessorize a Roll-neck

Turtle-neck (roll-neck) is the most versatile piece. Either with a pair of jeans and sneakers or under a slip dress and a pair of high heels, it looks chic. today I’m sharing with you four ways to accessorize a roll-neck.


Hi guys

I love wearing roll-necks (turtlenecks).   They are really easy to dress up or dress down.  They work perfectly well with almost every piece in my closet, I can wear them under a slip dress or wear them with a pair of jeans and sneakers. I think the best way to accessorize a roll-neck is to top it with a hat, preferably in the same color. Yet there are occasions that wearing a hat is not an option so here are four other ways that I like to accessorize a roll-neck.

1- Chokers: Wear two or three chokers.


Zara have many multiple pack chokers which are really cheap. You can check my favorites herehere and here.

2- Statement necklace


Statement necklaces are available in a wide range of designs, colors and prices therefore everyone will find one or two that match their style. You can check some affordable ones here, here and here.

3- Statement earrings


I love statement earrings. There are lots of beautiful ones out there. If your willing to pay a little bit more for a pair of earrings check this one and this. Otherwise check these affordable ones here and here.

4- Scarf: Secure a silk scarf around your neck using a scarf-ring.


Pick a light weight scarf like this or this and avoid chunky heavy scarf.



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