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MassimoDutti midi pencil skirt fall 2018

Hi guys

Midi skirts are one of my favorite pieces right now, especially an A-line or a Pencil cut one. They are feminine, chic and classic pieces which won’t go out of style, therefore you can wear them through the years. Here are some of my favorite ones for this season.

Pencil skirt

This is one of the most diverse pieces you can have in your wardrobe. It can be worn as an office attire or you can dress it up for a night out.

Here are some of my favorite midi pencil skirts from this season:

pencil skirt 20181.Massimodutti, 2.Asos,3.MaxMara,4.Calvin Klein,5.Native Youth,
6.Calvin Klein,7.Asos,8.Mango,9.Mango

Keep in mind that a midi pencil skirt with a split will give you a longer, more slender silhouette.

A-Line skirt

A-Line midi skirts have the most flattering cut which suite every body-shape. They are classic, elegant and timeless. I believe they are one of the pieces in your closet that are worth investing. Here are some of my favorite A-line skirts in case you want to check them out.

A-line skirt 2018


Choose one with a flat wide waistband if you want to emphasize your waist. This is a really good trick for curvy women like me. If you have one without a wide waistband, use a wide belt to create the shape you desire.

Next week I’ll share with you my favorite ways to style a midi pencil/ A-line skirt for fall and winter.



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How To Wear Animal Print Trend

Animal print s are one of the trends of this season, here are some ideas on how to wear them without going ……

Coat from Zara

Hi guys

I’m not one of those girls who can wear animal print from top to toe and make it work to perfection.  I add a little touch here and there. At least that what I thought until a few days back when I wore my leopard print coat to a meeting and one of the girls pointed out that she would never be able to pull that off. We got to a conversation about how minimal one can go to stay on trend yet feel comfortable. Here are some ideas that I came up with.

Tip: first find your favorite animal pattern. Just because everyone is wearing leopard print does not mean it’s the only option.


This is the most obvious solution. Among all the animal print scarfs my favorite ones are the small ones. They are more flexible and you can play around with them.

Scarf/animal print fall 2018

1-Bershka, 2-Zalando, 3-Zara, 4-Zara

You can tie one on your handbag when you are out and about. Then you can take it off, tie it around your neck when you are in the office or when you’re sitting in a classroom. You can have them around your wrist as an accessory and that alone will update your whole look.


This season belts are everywhere. You can wear them on blazers, coats, jumpers, midi skirts…… the list goes on and on. So there is an opportunity here to add a touch of animal print to your wardrobe without going crazy or spending lots of money. I would choose a wide belt to wear over outwears and a little thinner one if you want to wear it in a more conventional way, for example with your jeans or pants.


1-Mango, 2-Zalando, 3-Zalando, 4-Topshop, 5-Zara

Hemline & Neckband & Cuffs

Look for pieces with a touch of animal print. Here are some of the examples that I love. My favorite one is the polka-dot blouse.

animal prints details/fall 2018

1-Scotch&Soda, 2-Zara, 3-Nelly.com, 4-Zara


This is the easiest way to add a touch of trend to your existing wardrobe. Camisoles are affordable, easy to wear and they are everywhere. You can wear an animal print under a blazer or an open-neck jumper to instantly update your look.

Cami / body animalprint fall 2018

1-Zara, 2-Asos, 3-Nelly.com, 4-Missguided, 5-Nelly.com, 6-Zalando

I hope these tips give you some ideas on how to introduce animal-print to your wardrobe.

If you have any more ideas, please share them in the comments.



Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored.