Step by Step At-Home Manicure

Hi guys

I think clean pampered hands tell a lot about a person. I’m not talking about a princessy , never have worked hands. Not at all. I think whatever we do, there are easy ways to take care of our hands and keep them beautiful and young. Today is about doing manicure at home. It only takes 15-20 minutes and you need to do it once a week.

IMG_2120It’s how I do it:

You can do it right after coming out of shower, when the skin is soft and tender or alternatively add few drops of lime juice to a small bowl of hot (not boiling!) water to soften your skin. Put your finger in a bowl for 4-5 minutes.IMG_2118

Dry your hand and apply some cuticle oil or cream to keep the cuticle soft when you are doing your manicure. I personally prefer olive oil, so I put may fingers one by one into olive oil, then massage the oil on and around the fingertips.


Remember to dry the excess oil before to move on to the next step since doing manicure on an slippery finger can cause splitting and peeling.

The second point to remember is DO NOT CUT YOUR CUTICLES. Apparently they’re job is to protect your nail from Nail Fungus. So no Nippers.


Now use a metal pusher ( or a simple orange stick ) to push back your cuticles. Just don’t be harsh and do it gently.


At this point use nail cutter to trim your nails and make them equal.


Now use a nail file to smooth the edges. I prefer emery board one but the metal works as well.


Do the whole process on the other hand.

IMG_2088 2

Now it comes to the best part; Nail polish. This red one is my current  favorite one.


At the end remember to clean your tools and keep them covered till the next time. You don’t want use dusty tools for manicure since, lets be honest, there is always chance of cutting or pilling.

How do you do your nails? Do you have any tips? Please share it down below.