No-Makeup Makeup

Hi Guys

During summer I don’t like to wear too much makeup so I go for an easy fast makeup that I call no-makeup makeup. Although there are variety of tutorial about it online I thought to share with you my own version.

During summer I always wear sunscreen under my makeup. It’s important to be safe and protect our skin during summer, even with makeup we all need some kind of sun-blocker to avoid any damage to our skin. Don’t ever skip the sunscreen.

After that I start with concealer. I used this SmashBox high definition concealer ( light ) under my eyes. I rub a little bit of the product between my fingers and apply it on my skin. It doesn’t matter if you blend it with your fingers or use a beauty blender as long as it looks smooth.

Then I use L’OREAL Nude Cushion (03 VANILLA) all over my face. When I bought this one I was not so sure about it but after using it for more than a month I’m happy with it. Although I still love the Dior Nude Air foundation and it’s still my all time favorite I have to admit that this L’OREAL one does a pretty good job considering that it’s really cheaper than the Dior. The only down side is the pad which is simply impossible to use because it’s to harsh on skin.


The next step is mascara. I use only one coat of mascara. But you can go ahead and add more if you think it looks better. For me the whole purpose of a no-makeup look is to keep it as minimum as possible. Dior Iconic is the only mascara I use.


Then I apply ta kind of pinky color ( number S03 ) from this eye shadow palette by UNE all over my eye lid. You can use any nude bright color which is lighter than your skin tone. It creates a fresh look while make your eyes center of attention.


Now it’s time to trim my eyebrows. As I said before this is a no-makeup look so I only use this dark brown shadow ( number S08 ) on the top end of my brows to define the shape. Since I have almost no makeup on my eyes dark brows would be too much so I won’t even fill my eyebrows.


then I use this home-made lip balm , that I made myself, on my chicks and lips. Here you can read about how to make this one at home.


This is the final look which I really like. It’s easy, fast and fresh.


What do you think about it? Is this something you go for?



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Foundation review; Diorskin Nude Air Foundation

Hi guys

I’ve been using Dior foundations for a long time. The one that I use now is Diorskin Nude Air foundation. It comes in 9 different shades and I use number 021 Linen. It has a yellowish base which is perfect for my skin tone.


To be honest I was a little bit confused at first since I’ve never used (or even seen) a liquid foundation. I mean it’s runny like water, yet the coverage is amazing. I have to admit that the coverage is not like Diorskin Nud Fluid (which used to be my favorite in so long) but you can easily build it up. All you have to do is to use a little bit extra on the area that you think needs more coverage. Since it’s liquid you can blend it in easily. What I love is that it’s really light on the skin almost like you wear nothing. And it lasts pretty long on the skin. I have an oily T-zone yet this foundation lasts flawlessly on my skin for about 5 hours. After that all I need is a tap of powder and I’m good to go.


The only down side is that you can’t travel with it, it may leak and destroy your makeup bag. I’m talking from experience, always keep the bottle in an upright position.

Shake the bottle well before using it. You can get away using a foundation brush but I suggest to use a damp beauty blender to get the best result.

In short the Diorskin Nude Air foundation is my recent favorite. It has a smooth flawless finishing that lasts really long.

What is your favorite foundation? Do you have any recommendation that you think I need to try? Please let me know in comments.