How to take care of sweaters?

Hi guys

We all remember that favorite sweater that was ruined after the first wash and left us with regret.  Here are some tips which can help you to have your favorite one for a longer time.

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There are variety of methods depending on the material, so first thing to do is to read the label. It will gives you lots of informations including what the sweater is made of.



Here are four common materials and how to clean them.

1- Cashemer:

Dry-cleaning is always the first choice for cashmeres. Since it is kind of expensive, many people avoid to buy cashmere. But there is a way to wash, actually wash, cashmere. I hand-wash them in cold water using baby shampoo. Just handle it gently. When it comes to squeezing out the water don’t twist it, lay a white towel on a flat surface and put the sweater on it, gently roll the towel and press it down. Always use a white towel to avoid any color transformation.

2- Wool

Sweaters made of wool are warm and cosy, yet really sensitive . They easily lose their shape especially when they are wet. Never ever expose them to heat whether it is hot water or an iron they will shrink permanently, there is no cure for this. Hand wash them with cold water and normal detergent, unless there is an option for wool on your washing machine, just make sure that at the end the machine won’t use high speed to drain the water, it can cause deformation.

3- Cotton

These are lighter and breathable which are suitable for beginning of fall or spring evenings. These have to be washed inside out since they can easily pull off. I suggest to use a net bag and choose gentle cycle. They are sensitive to cold water as much the hot water so the best temperature is 25-30 Celsius. You need to be patient with this kind, since they need more time than any other material to dry out.

4- Linen

There are two kinds of linen sweaters; ones that have been prewashed during the production process and others that haven’t. You need to use mild detergent and really gentle cycle (like wool) for both groups, the only different is drying. The first group can be put in drying machine while the second group can’t. It is wise to use a net bag for these sweaters too since they are really delicate.

If you have a sweater made of mix material, read the label and wash them based on the material that is more sensitive.


All sweaters MUST lay flat to dry. This way they won’t lose their shape. Some takes more time than the others, just make sure that they are completely dry before put them in your closet ,especially cotton, otherwise they will smell bad.


If there is any wrinkle, hang the sweater on a hanger and steam it. The only material that you can iron is cotton. For storing never hang the sweaters. Fold them and store them flat to avoid hanger dimples and reserve the shape.


If you have any tips to add to these, please leave them in comments, I would love to hear from you.