Best Balm Cleanser (Product Review)

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If you have been following my blog you know that I’ve been looking for a good balm cleanser for a while. Not long time ago I’d tried The Body Shop balm cleanser and got disappointed (read about it here).

The best balm cleanser

After searching and reading so many reviews I ended up buying the Total Renew Balm from Biotherm (34$/125ml) and the Makeup melter by Ciaté (20$/40ml).

Total Renew.Balm Biotherm

Biotherm Total Reniew Balm

The packaging is not something especial. It’s the bright orange color like many other products by Biotherm. The texture is slightly more dense than what I expected. As a result a small amount goes a long way.

Biotherm balm cleanser

While using this product avoid the eye area since it can burn your eyes out, believe me it hurts like hell. So if you are going to choose this one I suggest to use an eye makeup remover to clean your eyes. Other than this negative point this balm makeup remover is really good. It will remove all your makeup throughly and leave your skin clean and fresh. In my experience the balm turns to soap-like-texture after massaging with vet finger.  As a consequence it has the tendency of drying out the skin. So I don’t think this is a good choice for those with dry skin.

Makeup Melter Ciaté

Ciaté Makeup Melter

This one comes in silver and black small box with lots of stars and a small bow on it.The container is a bright grey glass with a silver lid. I like the packaging it looks nice.

Ciaté balm cleanser

The texture is heavenly soft and creamy. It melts instantly into the skin and I can literally see the makeup dissolving with it immediately. It’s so gentle yet affective . Then you can use a cotton pad or a cloth to clean your face. There is no need to use water at all but you can rinse your face at the end if you like to.

Ciaté balm cleanser

For me this is the perfect product for sensitive skin. In addition to all that, this is vegan friendly product which makes me love it. The only down side is the price. Although the 20$ price tag does not seem a lot considering the size (40ml) and the fact that one has to use this almost everyday I would say the Makeup Melter by Ciaté is more on the expensive side.  If that’s not an issue for you go a head and buy it I’m sure you will love it.

Skin Reaction

None of these cleanser caused any skin problem for me which led me to the conclusion that The Body Shop balm Cleanser was the reason for all those breakouts on my forehead and chicks.




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  • Please keep in mind that there are lots of other balm cleanser out there that               I haven’t tried.



How to Multi-Mask (Mistakes to Avoid)


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One of the recent popular trends is to multi-mask. Many people like me need different masks for different parts of their face. Today I’m talking about common mistakes to avoid when multi-masking.

Zara handbag

  • Applying on unclean skin

Always clean your skin throughly before applying face mask to see the full benefit and avoid any irritation. Polo Ralph Lauren dress

  • Applying all masks at the same time

Pay close attention to instructions for each mask. Different masks require different times so don’t apply them all at once. First, apply the one that needs more time. Apply other masks with enough delay so you can rinse/wipe them altogether. Otherwise it would be hard to clean one mask without disturbing others.Denim & Supply Rl dress

  • Not applying on your neck

That’s one of the most common mistakes that many do. Apply your mask on your neck too. Especially when you’re using moisturizing mask. Since the neck is one of the first areas that shows aging signs it would be wise to give it as much attention as your face.Chanel sunglasses


  • Using only one brand

Although we all have one or two favorite brands I believe in trying different brands when it comes to face mask.  I generally use The BodyShop face masks. For clay face mask I prefer Glam Glow and for removing black heads I only use Jorgobé peel off mask (read the review here). Don’t be afraid to try out different brands, you never know what you might find.Denim & Supply RL dress


  • Not using proper products afterwards

Depending on what kind of mask you’re using your skin needs different types of products afterward. Make sure that you know exactly how your face mask works and what kind of treatment will benefit your skin more after using it.



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Lipstick Guide

Hi guys

We all know that lipsticks can look different on each person. Depending on hair color, skin tone, shape of the lips and the rest of makeup, one color can look a shade darker, brighter, paler,……. . Some girls think that they need to stick to one shade when it comes to lipsticks. Although we all have (and need) our favorite reliable go-to color I believe that everyone can pull off any lipstick, all you need is to know how to master it. Here are some tips that I picked up through the years to help me wear different lipstick shades much better.

1-Dark shadesMac CosmeticsMac lipstick Power Driven(Deep wine burgandy)

  • Always use lip pencil to shape your lips and define lip lines
  • Don’t wear heavy eyeshadows. Unless you are an expert or really good. It’s really hard to combine these two and keep the look chic.
  • Wear a full coverage foundation.
  • Keep the eyebrows as natural as possible.

2-Bright red or bright orange

Mac lipstick

Mac Lipstick So Chaud (Intense reddish-orange)

  • Don’t wear too much blush. In most cases a simple contouring will be enough.
  • Use a lip pencil, just make sure that they match.
  • Use lip primer.
  • Don’t forget the highlighter .

3-Nude or brown toned

Mac Cosmetic

Mac Lipstick Cherish (Soft muted peachy-beige)

  •  Don’t forget contouring and don’t be scared to go a little overboard with it (just a little).
  • Eye liner and double coat mascara are necessary.
  • Always add concealer to avoid looking tired or sleepless.
  • Wearing a full coverage foundation is advisable.

4-Pink or violet toned


Mac Lipstick Dressed To Thrill (Soft petal pin)

  • DON’T WEAR COLORFUL EYESHADOW. I can’t stress this enough.
  • The rest of make up should be subtle and simple.
  • Avoid orange toned contouring colors.
  • Stick to one color pallet.

Remember that these are just suggestions while everyone can have their own preferences.



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5 Tips For Healthy Hair

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Today I’m talking about my hair and the secrets that help me to have shiny, strong healthy hair.

1- Hair Cut

It’s really important to get a hair cut regularly. Removing damaged ends makes my hair look healthy and shiny.

2-Hair Mask


I apply hair mask before I go to bed and wash it in the morning. Apply the hair mask, make sure to avoid the roots, put your hair in a bun and cover it with a shower cap. While I’m sleeping the mask do its magic. You don’t need a fancy expensive mask to get amazing result even a L’oreal hair mask will work perfectly.

3- Styling Tools

Make sure that the tool you’re using to style your hair is updated and works well. There are lots of brands that use new technology to give you the best results while causing as little damage as possible. You can easily find one that suits your needs.

4- Protection


If you want to spend money on one hair product let it be a heat styling protector. It’s a must have for those who use blowdryer or any other styling tool regularly. I prefer the spray one since it’s easier to apply.

5-Eat Healthy


Eat healthy fats like olive oil or nuts. Although most of us are scared of eating fat our body needs fat. I don’t want to get to the details and scientific terms, you can read about studies and researches and their result in the papers or online.  The only thing that I want to mention is that most of the vitamins that the hair needs to grow and be healthy are fat soluble which means they need fat to be absorbed by our body.


Do you have any thing to add to this? Please share your tips in the comments.



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