Sunscreen Guide

Here are some factors to consider when you shop for sunscreen…We are all aware of SPF,there is another protective factor that sunscreens must have. It…….

sunscreen guide

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I love sunny days and sunshine. I can totally relate to those who worshiped sun centuries ago. I -like most of you- love to sunbath, take a walk on a sunny day or sit outside while sun is up and shining. I enjoy all of that but there is a downside. Sunlight can cause early skin aging, skin spots, sunburn and skin cancer. Since we can’t -or shouldn’t- stay out of sunlight it’s important to protect ourselves against its potentially harmful effects.

Everyone know how important it is to use sunscreen on a daily basis, all year round wether it’s sunny or cloudy. The question is which sunscreen you have to use. Here are some factors to consider when you shop for sunscreen.

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We are all aware of SPF and its importance in protecting the skin. There is another protective factor that sunscreens must have. It calls Broad-Spectrum Protection. It protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays which cause wrinkles and aging spots. UVA rays goes through the window glass while UVB can be blocked by windows.

Sunscreens come in different forms: cream, lotion, stick and spray.


Creams and lotions are good choices for face. I have sensitive skin with pores on T-zone so it’s not easy to find a sunscreen that sits smoothly on my skin without making it dry or oily. I have two favorite brands that I use on different occasions on my face. The first one is La Roche-Posy non-perfumed fluid with SPF 50+ for sensitive skins.I use this one under my makeup everyday. It has a watery texture and works like a primer and a base for the makeup. In addition to that It’s water-resistant which means it does not mess with my makeup.

Biotherm Creme Solaire

The second one is Biotherm Creme Solaire with SPF 50+. I use this one when I’m on the beach or at the pool or whenever I won’t wear any makeup. It’s water resistant and has slightly thicker texture than the La Roche-Posy one. Since it has mat finishing it’s a better choice when I’m bare-face.

ACO sun stick

The sun-stick is a great choice to protect more sensitive areas. I apply it around my eyes. The skin around the eyes are thiner and it’s where the wrinkles will appear first but most people ignore it. I use ACO sun-stick SPF 20+ since I always wear shades it’s enough.

Nivea sun lotion

Sprays or lotions are good choices for body. I’ve been using Nivea sun lotion for years and I’m really happy with it. Spray is more suitable for men or any hairy area on body.

According to AAD skin cancer can start from lips, so don’t forget to wear a lip balm or sun-stick on your lip.



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