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I’m sure you have heard of this huge discussion about people who earn money on social media. There are lots of hate and anger toward these people. There are accusations of being fake and dishonest. Although I have never earned money online, I believe it is important to talk and think about this subject.  Because like it or not, social media is a huge part of today’s life and we can not ignore it. So why is this happening? Is this true or not? why is there so much hate?


I don’t have answer to all these question yet there are a few point that I like to mention.

1- Hating Social Media icons for earning money out of it (some claim that they are shocked by this fact!!) is like hating Jennifer Lawrence being paid for Silver Linings Playbook!! and asking people to stop watching her movies! Really? She is a fantastic beautiful actress and one of the best AND SHE EARNS MONEY OUT OF IT! (and she deserves it). Of course there are people who hate her for being successful and beautiful or living the life that they dream of. Jealousy has been with human since the beginning, it has nothing to do with social media. Although no one has immunity, those who are in public eyes are more likely to be targeted than others. None of these people got to the point they are today over a night. They are talented, hardworking individuals who love their job and enjoy it. The problem is that most people can not accept that working can be joyful! As a result they can’t accept what they are doing is a job while sometimes they are doing what usually takes a team to be done. Check out Carly Cristman video on truth about social media.



2- The second part of discussion is that these are dishonest people who would promote any thing for money. No one can deny that! There are people with no integrity  who are after money and accept any offer. But they are EVERY WHERE. Look around you, how many people you know among your friends, neighbors, coworkers…. who just doing their job -whatever it is- just to earn money, IT IS NOT JUST ON SOCIAL MEDIA, they are every where in every occupation. The only different is when we see someone like that in other jobs, we don’t attack the whole profession we just simply find another one that we can trust. Why not doing it on social media? When you track dishonesty just move on and find a trustworthy person. Beside that, when I hear someone says “I have not been honest and what you have seen of me on social media is a fiction not who I really am” it is more like a personal announcement to me, not a general fact. Just think about it.


3- The third issue is that these people picture a perfect life on social media and give this delusion that they have a perfect life without any problem that can cause disappointment and frustration among society. The truth is, we all do that. We all share our success, laughs, happiness and beautiful parts of our life regardless of why we are using social media. Actually I like that about social media. We are surrounded with news about war, corruption, vagrancy, hate…… so if you are promoting love, kindness, happiness in any way you are a warrior. If your Instagram picture makes one person smile or your Twitter feed gives some one strength to go one step further or believe in love again, you are my hero. We need more people like you in the world.



When it comes to frustration, I believe it is a matter of prospective. When I look at these people I can be angry for not having what they have or I can let that encourage me. Personally I choose the second one. I am grateful to all people who are ahead of me in life ( in any aspect of life ) and choose to share it, they are proof that there are a lot more out there and regardless of where I am in life there are a lot more that I can achieve. They are my motivation and I’m thankful for that.



Last thing I want to mention is a general fact about life. When we are doing something just for  money or popularity or fame or…… any reason but love and joy, there will be a point that we will feel trapped . We won’t grew any more and since our hearts are not into it we will be lost eventually. At this point we feel anger, frustration and hate toward what we are doing and everything around us while the truth is that we made wrong choices and we need to accept that. Life is short, do what you love and enjoy it. Remember people appreciate honesty and they ,sooner or later, will see your true color. No one can play a role for ever.



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