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Hi guys
Recently I’ve been running around all day. I attend university in the morning and work during afternoon hours. I use public transportation to move around (don’t freak out, it is completely normal where I live, maybe one day I’ll write about how living in an Scandinavian country can be a different experience for most people). Anyway it means that I am on my feet most of the day. And we all know that a comfortable footwear is a must-have in such a situation. One like these Tommy Hilfiger boots which have become my best companion during this marathon (if I may call them that).


They are comfortable, trendy and will take you from class to meeting with friends after work while keeping you chic.

I also love the details on this particular pair. In my opinion they are just perfect.


Another feature that I like is this discreet detailed built-in stretch piece that allows extra fit and comfort for girls with athletic body and more muscular calves.


As you can see the lining is leather and cotton, which is not suitable for snowy weather. My suggestion is to go for a half size bigger than your actual size. This will give you the possibility of wearing them with chunky wool socks during the winter.


One of my favorite things is that they came with a pair of plastic boot-stand supporter which is awesome. These are necessity  to keep  knee long boots in a good shape.


Here are two ways that I style this baby;leather jacket is the key factor in the first one.

IMG_3994(Diesel jeans, Guess leather jacket, Ralph Lauren grawley tote, Massimo dutti scarf, Ralph Lauren cap, Tommy Hilfiger boots)

The second one is to throw on a cape;


(Zara cape, Tommy Hilfiger boots)

That’s it for today guys.



Möllevången, Lund, Sweden

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