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Hi guys

Are you ready to party? It’s the holiday season after all. Therefore I’m sharing a few of my favorite party dresses that I’m eying right now.

Party Dresses 2019 Holidays


  1. This gold sparkly dress with long sleeves is from Rare London and it’s available on Zalando. Price: 85€. Link
  2. I love this one for it’s cut, material and the fact that it looks expensive and luxurious. Price: 50€. Link
  3. Love this simple, timeless maxi dress. It’s from Zara. Price: 110€, Link
  4. The details on this dress are gorgeous. It’s from River Island. Price: 110€. Link
  5. This one has a kind of Balmain vibe to it. It’s by Love Triangle. Price: 80€. Link
  6. This is my absolute favorite on this list. I love the cut and length of the sleeves. It’s from True Decadence and it’s available on It costs around 160€. Link

If you don’t like any of these dresses, check out Zalando or Asos. I’m sure between these two websites you can easily find your perfect dress for the upcoming holidays.



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