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Best Hair Treatment (Expert Advice PartII)

As I explained in my previous blogpost I sat down and had a heart to heart conversation about hair treatments with my hair dresser. Talking to a professional....

Beauty, Beauty Tips & Hacks

Best Hair Treatment(Expert Advice PartI)

One of the common mistakes that many- like me- make on a daily basis is that they think a hair treatment ,no matter what it is , will benefit their hair. I learned that's a myth.......

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How To Stay Motivated?

While most of us start a week -or a day- full of positive energy and ready to get the job done , whatever it is, staying motivated is one of the most common challenges that many people This list keeps me on the track and helped me feel confident and energized all week.

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How to Achieve Your Dream Style?

Now you have a list of everything you need to achieve your dream style. Please keep in mind that YOU DON'T NEED THE EXACT ITEMS. I can't emphasize this enough; you don't need to buy expensive stuff, just buy pieces that have similar shape, style or color.