One Hair Accessories Three Different Ways

one hair accessory three different way


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Zara hairband

Hi guys

I bought this headband (hair crown ) last year. I like the details and the fact that there is a vintage-inspired  medallion as a centerpiece. The moment I saw it I knew that there are many ways to use it.

Zara hair accessories


1- Hair-crown



Zara hair-accessorise

Either I use it as normal headband and  let my hair down or I use it to put my hair up, obviously the second one is for especial occasions.

2- Choker

Zara hairband

I secure it around my neck by tying the elastic band at the back.

3- Bracelet

Zara bracelet

I use the centerpiece to cover the elastic bands and use it as a bracelet.

This one isn’t available anymore. You can check similar ones here, here and here.



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