Nightly skin routine(part I)

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Before I get to the actual routine I like to point out some reasons to emphasize the importance of cleaning your skin every night. As you know skin repairs itself while you’er sleeping. To be able to do that skin needs to be fresh and clean. Otherwise the makeup residue, sweat or dirt that has been left on your skin will cause irritation, acne even inflammation. If you want clear skin you need to have a cleaning routine and take it seriously. After cleaning comes nourishing which means you need to feed your skin to prevent dry patches, wrinkles and dullness. I’m sharing my routine with you in two posts that coming back to back.

1-Before I do anything I wash my hands, I don’t want to add germs to my face. This is the first step no matter what your routine is.


2- Then I use this Lacôme makeup remover to clean my eyes. I’ve been using this for last five years. I tried some others here and there but I haven’t found any even remotely as good as this one. It does not dry the skin around my eyes yet it removes all the mascara and eyeliner even the waterproof ones.


3-Next I use a cleansing water to remove my makeup. Recently I’ve been using Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Unfortunately it does not match it’s reputation but it does a decent job. If you decide to give it a try to avoid the eye area, it will burn your eyes (I’ve learnt that in the hard way).


3-Then to actually clean my face I use cleansing oil. My latest obsession is The Body Shop Camomile cleansing oil. I love love this one.It is really gentle and effective at the same time. I use two pumps of oil and massage it over my skin for 20-30 seconds, then I rinse my hand and continue to massage it for another 20-30 seconds with wet hands. Then I rinse my face throughly.


4- Before I use any cream or other products, I need to dry my face. Most people use towel, I don’t. After reading 15 surprisingly dirty things on MSN I’ve stopped using towel on my face. I have been using kitchen paper towel to dry my skin since and the result is unbelievable, I have clearer skin and less irritation.You can also use tissues but I don’t like it when it gets wet and sticks to my skin



I’ll tell you about the products that I use to nourish my skin in the next post.




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