Night skin routine(partII)

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The last post was about cleaning my skin, this one is what I use after that to keep my skin healthy and wrinkle free.

1- First thing I use is this VITAMIN E OVERNIGHT SERUM-IN-OIL. It’s really reach but not greasy. It helps your skin to get it’s natural oil and since it is oil-serum combination it will moisturize the skin as well. This is my seventh bottle. I apply two drops on my skin doing circular motions (It feels great) then I wait for about 1o minutes before add anything else to my skin. NOTE: avoid the eye area.


2-the second step is eye cream. I use this Dior Eye Cream which I talked about in one of my previous posts. You can check it out here.


3-It’s time for night cream. This is really important to choose right products that meet your need. I am over 30 so the first thing I look for in a night cream is its anti-wrinkle content. The second check point is to use something that match my skin type. So I prefer brands that provide different products according to skin types instead of just buying for example a night cream for all skin types! I don’t buy that. Right now I’m using CLINIQUE youth surge night. Unfortunately I just found out that it’s been discontinued. It is still available on Amazon website but I can’t suggest any of them since I don’t know the source.


4- At the end I use a drop of this MOROCCAN OIL TREATMENT ORIGINAL on my lashes . I also have a bigger bottle for my hair. I use waterproof mascara almost everyday so I need something to soften my eyelashes and prevent breakage. Since it does a wonderful job on my hair I figure out my lashes will benefit from it too. I apply really small amount of oil and make sure that it does not contact my eyes. I’ve been doing it for a year now and result is really satisfying so far. Please remember that I am not an expert and all these are what I’m doing and my personal opinion.


By the way I am on a hunt for a great night cream, if you have any suggestion please leave a comment down bellow.




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