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Hi guys

This Sunday was one of those hot days that one would prefer to stay home all day wearing comfortable cloth and drink cold beverages. But I couldn’t since we had a plan to go out with close friends for a birthday celebration.

After long considerations and trying a few outfits ( read too many ) this is what I chose for the occasion.

The dress is really light and the garment is breezy without being see-through. What I like the most about it is that it’s relaxed and versatile. Depending on shoes and bag, I can wear it for having afternoon tea with friends, shopping or going to a bar.


To be comfortable I wore this black wedge which is easy to walk in. Since the dress is off shoulder and has pattern all over it I picked a black bag to keep the whole outfit simple. This bucket bag is not that big yet it’s roomy enough to hold all my stuff. In addition to that it’s light-weight and easy to carry around so there is no surprise that this is one of my favorite bags.


I believe an off shoulder dress is the best choice for a hot day. There are lots of them available at many stores or online. This particular one is on sale right now, you can check it here if you want.

What do you wear when it’s hot and you have to dress up for an occasion? Share your ideas in the comments I love to read them.





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