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Today I’m sharing with you my daily makeup routine. Although I love love makeup, I am at a point in my life that prefer simple light makeup. I try to have a routine that does not take much time and my skin benefits from it ( let’s be honest, wearing heavy makeup all day long will at least cause some breakouts). I am picky about products that I use, I only use high quality products that I absolutely love in order to keep my skin healthy. Here are some  items that I use currently.IMG_3894 2

I belive a great base that nourishes my skin is the first step. So  after washing my face I apply moisturizer. Because I usualy don’t use foundation I like to apply a pore reducing moisturizer.


This Dior moisturizer is my favorite. It feels light and breezy on skin yet it reduces pores pretty well. If you have oily skin or oily T-zone (like me) this one is a miracle worker.

The next step which is realy important is eye cream.


I love this Dior eye cream. It is not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. If you have to invest in one skin care product, it must be a great eye cream,especially if you’re over 30 ( although I believe it is never too soon to start using eye cream, this one is a little bit strong for younger people).

Then I get to the make up. I focus on eyes  since it can change the whole look. Just using concealer under my eyes will brighten up my face.


This YSL radiant touch is my all time favorite. It has a soft applier that makes it really easy to use.I have been using this for the last three years and I absoulutely love it. It has really light texture and gives great coverage at the same time.

I continue with drawing a simple thin line on each upper eyelid along eyelashes. Nothing dramatic, just to add definition to my eyes. For that I use Dior eyeliner. It is creamy, long lasting and easy to apply.


Then I apply mascara. This Dior waterproof mascara will give you full long lashes, and stays intact all day long. However if you use waterproof mascara it is really important to use proper product to wipe it off in order to have healthy long lashes. Not every eyemakeup remover is suitable to do the task.

The next step for me is blush. I won’t leave the house without applying it. The right color, will bring your skin to life and give definition to your face.


If you are like me and prefer power blush this Dior blush is perfect.I use the color calls Happy Cherry . It adds a healhty color to my cheeks.

Last step is to apply loose powder. I use Dior skin Nude Air in color medium beige.


I know that it supposed to be used on top of foundation to keep everything in place. However I use it to keep my face oil-free and matte during the day, also I love that it gives some kind of texture to my skin which is not realy visible (if it makes any sense to you). This is the result:


Just keep in mind that we all have different skin types and no one has the perfect skin. The most important thing is to take care of our skin and always be aware of products we use and the influence they have on our skin.




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