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I picked a Björn Axén hair styler while ago and I had no plan to write about it yet here I am sharing with you my experience. To tell you why I chose to write about this styler I need to tell you my hair story. About three years ago my hair got to the point that I had to cut it really short. Due to all that coloring and heat styling that I exposed my hair to, it was damaged and unhealthy so one day I stood in front of mirror and cut it.


I strongly believe that using flat iron to do everything from straightening to curling ruined my hair. Till my hair grew long again I stopped using any styler and let my hair to dry naturally. But now that I have longer hair I have to use blowdryer or some kind of styling tool otherwise I will end up with a massive amount of hair that makes my head huge ( literally ). On the other hand I’m not one of those talented girls who turn their hair into a first class glossy beautifully formed style using a blowdryer. For me it takes so long yet at the end I’m not that happy with the result. Another annoying fact is the sound of blowdryer that blocks the world out.

how to style long hair

As you can see this has been a true struggle for me. Since I love my hair and I think of my hair as part of my style and a way of expressing myself I had to do something about it.That’s why I decided to buy a hair styler. After lots of research and reading reviews I ended up with this one.

Björn Axén tools

The only way to describe this styler is ; it’s genius. It’s a combination of brush and heat that makes it easy to use and creates the perfect shape.There are other tools out there which are combination of heat and brush too but their not quite as good as this one. Not naming names I tried a few and I can tell you this one gives you the best result. In my opinion there is two reason for that:

First is the bristles which are flexible yet firm enough to open the hair strands and style them. Unlike most brushes that have too hard or too soft bristles.

The second reason is the material that covers the brush. It coated with ceramic tourmaline which gives hair a healthy shine.

Björn Axén styling tool

There is another feature which calls Ionization. Although I knew the definition of this word I had no idea what it would do to my hair. So I did some research and read some scientific and not so scientific articles. To sum up all of that: tools using this technology will dry your hair faster as a result your hair won’t be exposed to extra heat. So the damage is as minimum as possible. Also it will secure the outer cellular layer of your hair (cuticle) and as a result your hair will be frizz free, shiny and healthy looking. Ionization is optional and you can turn it on if you want.

Björn Axén tool

For a girl with lots of hair, like me, this is a dream come true. .This styler comes in three different sizes and it costs about 750 SEK which is about 68 GBP. I believe this is a bargain comparing to other brands out there.

Considering the quality and result I get every time I use this Björn Axén hair styler I’m happy with my decision and believe that I’ve chosen wisely, money well spent.





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