La Mer Moisturizing Cream Review

Now lets talk about the price. La Mer Moisturizing cream can be purchased for 170 $ (30ml) at Sephora. The question is does it worth the money?

LaMer the moisturizing soft cream review

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About a few months ago I’ve started to use La Mer moisturizer. Today I’m sharing with you my experience and wether or not it is worth the price?

La Mer the moisturizing soft cream


I love the packaging. The design is different. It looks nice and feels expensive when I have it my hand. The container is heavier than I expected. It’s white and has La Mer logo on it. There is a tiny spatula to take out the product.

The first thing that caught my attention after opening the lid was the smell. It’s amazing, considering that I’m not fan of smelly creams. It’s a huge change for me to love this one so much.

La Mer the moisturizing soft cream

I take out a small amount of cream rub it between my fingers then apply it all over face and neck area. It gets absorbed rather fast to skin and feels really refreshing and nice. I would say that it has a cooling effect on my skin that calms it down immediately. It make my skin more vibrant and fresh. Since I don’t have any wrinkles I can’t tell if it has any affect on fine lines or not. But I’m sure it has done nothing for the unevenness on my skin.

LaMer soft cream

The La Mer soft cream does exactly what you expect it to do; moisturizing your skin. There is no oily residue or heaviness to it. Yet I believe that it’s a more of summer cream specially if you live in cold areas (like I do). I prefer a richer moisturizer for fall and winter.

LaMer  moisturizing cream

Now lets talk about the price. One can purchase a 30 ml container for 170 $ at Sephora (1470 sek at It’s not a cheap cream by any means. Although it’s a good moisturizer there are many other good ones available which cost half the price. So if you are on the budget go for L’ancome Hydra Zen Moisturizing day cream, it’s as good as this one and it’s only 56 $ at Sephora. If money is not a concern to you go ahead and buy the LaMer moisturizing cream. This will be a luxury addition to your daily routine.




Links: LaMer (at Sephora), LaMer (at, Lancome (at Sephora)

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