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Hi guys

More than a month ago, I came across an online shopping website named; “JustFab”. They had an offer which allowed me to purchase my first pair of shoes from their website only for 16£. I was a little bit skeptical about it. But after reading a few reviews from satisfied customers I decided to give it a try. I bought this pair of boots and I like it. To be honest it’s not the best quality, and the finishing part can be better in many ways, but for 16£ one can not expect more.

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During last weekend, when I was checking my bank account, I realized that 32£ has been charged on my credit by JustFab! I was confused since I knew that I hadn’t buy anything else. Just to be sure I’ve checked all my emails but I couldn’t find any new purchase whatsoever. While I was reading the emails that I had received from JustFab, lowest part of one email caught my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently JustFab charged VIP customers 32£ every month unless they go to the website and choose to skip the month!


The problems is, I’ve never applied to be VIP member and when being a VIP member is not free, it MUST BE OPTIONAL. But as a customer one becomes a VIP member after first purchase! Which as I mentioned is not fair, especially when I haven’t received any email or any other kind of confirmation that I’ve become a VIP member.

The second point is, at the end of an email is not a proper place to inform people about the money they’re going to be charged with, every month for 5 months in a row. It looks more like a trick to skip from legal obligations, especially when this is not a common method among online shopping websites so usually people don’t expect it.

I checked the reviews again, most of them are about the delivery time and whether they are happy with the products or not. But if you dig a little bit dipper  _which I should have done in the first place_ you’ll find other people like me who are trying to make their voice being heard. They believe they have been scammed. Although legally I can not claim that due to those sentences at the end of every email in small prints, I feel the exact way.

Honestly it’s not even about the money, it’s about the feeling of being robbed and not be able to do anything about it due to technicality. The worst part is; their online chat does not work, and I have not even received an auto answer for the email I’d sent them.

Long story short I trusted the wrong source and I feel that I’ve been scammed and no one at the company has the courtesy to even acknowledge the problem I’m having. As you probably can say, I’m angry and disappointed. I’m sharing the story with you hopping that this will help others to avoid the bad experience I had. If it helps only one, I’ll be happy.

Have you ever shopped at JustFab? What’s your feedback? Am I the only one who lost money to this company? Please share your similar story in the comments maybe it helps someone.





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3 thoughts on “JustFab scam or not?”

  1. I am in the same position, I allow my daughter to order online and pay through my paypal account.

    My daughter has never bought any goods from justfab but I have just discovered that she bought goods from fabletics and have now found that fabletics is connected to justfab and that is where justfab have got my paypal account details from.

    This is an obvious scam to trick the unsuspecting public and is definitely fraudulent activity which I have just explained to paypal.

    I got scamed a few years ago by an online company called ‘Redsave’ who did exactly the same thing as this justfab are doing, they were exposed as scaming the public and their photo was published after they had previously been done for fraudulent activity, they were a husband and wife set up and I wouldn’t be surprised if these were the same couple, my investigation will continue to hopefully expose these fraudsters.

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