JorgObe Peel Off Mask Review

JorgObe peel off mask
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I have an oily T Zone. As a result I’ve been having difficulty with blackheads almost all of my adult life. I’ve tried many products through the years, some did work some didn’t. About four month ago I started using the JorgObé Peel Off Mask since there was lots of talking about it

JorgObé peel off mask

As instructed on the tube I shake it before applying the mask. Then I put it on my forehead , nose, cheeks and chin.

peel off mask
I wait for about 30 minutes before I take it off. At this point it is completely dry and sticks to my skin. After pulling it off I wash my face and put moisturizer on my skin. I use this JorgObé mask twice a week to get the desired result.

JorgeObe peel off mask review


As you can see in the photo it does a decent job and throughly cleans the skin, there is no blackhead left. Considering that it is about 22pound (249 Skr)  which is a reasonable price for a peel off mask, I consider it a good bargain.

Whatsoever there is one thing that I don’t like about this mask which is really disappointing for me and that’s the smell. It smells rather acrid that can be annoying if you are as sensitive as I am to scents.

This is my opinion on JorgObe Peel Off Mask. Have you ever tried this one? What are your thoughts about it?





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