How To Wear a Slip Dress in Real Life

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We all have seen photos of models and celebrities wearing a slip dress. As much as I love the trend I know I can not pull it off in real life. I believe that most woman except those lucky ones with skinny slender body can’t do it either. So here are 3 ways that I like to style a slip dress and wear it on daily basis.

1.Day look

Zara vest

Wear a high neck simple t-shirt under the dress and a long vest over it. Finish the look with a pair of over the knee boots to make it fall appropriate. Make sure that the vest is longer than the dress.

Tamaris Boots

On cooler days I’ll wear a long sleeve polo neck under the dress to keep myself warm.

Lindex Slip Dress

2- Weekend look

Ecco Boots

This one is really casual and relaxed. I wear a long denim shirt – I borrowed this one from my husband- over the dress and top it with a faux leather jacket. I finished the look with a pair of mid-calf boots.The key to this look is do layering using different material. Going from soft silky dress to the faux leather jacket make the whole look chic and wearable in real life.

Lindex Slip Dress

3-Night out

How to style a slip dress

Wear the dress with with a pair of skinny jeans and tucked it in on one side. You can wear this one with a bomber or a denim jacket.

How style a slip dress

High heel ankle boots and the hat put the whole look together. I would wear this one for a date night.


Please let me know if this gives you some ideas about how to style a slip dress.



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