How to take advantage of Pinterest boards?

I’m on Pinterest almost every day…to leave a hint what we like as a gift for different occasions…if you’re in a relationship you need this…..Pinterest boards can…..

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Hi guys

What inspired me to write this post?

“I’ve been using Pinterest for about 5 years and I’m still a big fan, I’m on Pinterest almost every day.” when I shared that with a group of friends the other day, I realised that some of them had no idea how to actually use Pinterest. The conversation we had afterwards gave me the idea for this post.Massimo Dutti leather jacket

An obvious purpose

The most common use of any Pinterest board is to share what you like, admire or find it inspiring with others. From a beautiful DIY home project to your favourite celebrity style or an inspiring quote which you love.

Give a hint

I have a private board that I share with my close friends and my sister. On this one we share whatever we like to inspire each other as well as to leave a hint what we like as a gift for different occasions. So when there is a birthday coming up or during Christmas time all I need to do is to go through this board. Sometimes I don’t get exactly what they pinned due to high price or availability status yet I use those items as a guide to get them what I know they will love.

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Save money

Yes I use Pinterest to avoid overspending specially during sail. I love shopping online, it’s faster, easier and instead of spending prime daytime on shopping I can do it during the evening while I’m sitting in front of TV. Some of my favourite websites like MassimoDutti, Zara or……… won’t allow to create a wish list. So during the Sail I used to buy many stuff which were not on my list yet I ended up buying them since the discount was amazing. As a result instead of saving money I could spend more money buying items that I didn’t want in the first place. To avoid this problem , nowadays I add what ever I like during the season but I’m not willing to pay full price for them to a secret board. Later when the discounts start I would go back to my board, click on the photos, and go directly to these items. I won’t check anything else on the website.Massimo Dutti straw bag

Sharing is love

Me and my husband have two shared boards. First one is to share whatever we see online and we like or think that it would be interesting to other person. It can be a place that we like to visit, a love song, an interesting article or a pice of jewellery. The list can go on and on. This is the board that we visit together from time to time. We delete whatever we have tried or bought or what we think is not relevant anymore. We also use it to plan our holidays or weekend getaways. Also it comes in handy when I want to buy a gift for him or when he wants to surprise me with a small gift here or there. If you are in a relationship this is a must have.Massimo Dutti bag

Dream big dreams

The second board that we share is dream house board. Whenever one of us sees a piece of furniture, art or even plants that we like to have in our dream house we add it to this board. It can be from a website or a magazine or photos that I took while I was at a fancy place. Then once in a while we sit down with a cup of tea and go through photos listening to each other’s ideas and discuss our choices. At the end whatever we both love will stay on the board. We started this about a year ago and still working on it. It’s a fun process and helps us to share our dreams since we usually end up talking about the whole picture and what we really want our life to look like in 10 years. I can’t recommend this enough.



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