How To Style A Midi Skirt

How to style a midi pencil skirt

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Last week I wrote about my favorite type of midi skirt and why I love them. Today I’m writing to share with you my favorite outfits around a midi pencil skirt. I choose these looks because they are suitable for a normal daily routine. I can wear them at the office, school or going around running some errands. I’m leaving a normal life so I do my best to dress up for such a life whilst staying true to my sense of style and femininity.

-Boyfriend’s cardigan

I literally borrowed this cardigan from my husband. I love this combination especially for a professional meeting or an office look.


pencil skirt, fall 2018 outfit

Link to similar boots

It’s sophisticated with a touch of sexiness which I love. The animal print boots and the statement bag elevate the whole outfit to a modern look.

pencil skirt, fall 2018 outfit

-Casual look

This is as casual as it gets. I love this look for its simplicity and practicality as well as being chic.

pencil skirt, fall 2018 outfitLink to similar sneakers

Keep in mind that if you are a fan of Ugly Dad’s Sneakers, you can easily wear them with this outfit. I prefer something more elegant and classic, as you can see.

pencil skirt fall 2018 outfit

-A night out with friends

Here are two example of what I would wear to go out with friends or on a date night.  It really depends on where we are going and what is on agenda for the night.

fall 2018 outfit ideas


The first one is an obvious choice since you never can go wrong with anything black. This lace blouse is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It’s classy with a hint of edginess, which is the three-quarter length bell sleeve. I talked about why I like to add a belt to my outfit ( read here).

fall 2018 outfit ideas

I’m a big fan of combining red with cream or beige. I picked the leopard print top and bag to add something trendy to the look.

fall 2018 outfit

Links to this jacket from Zara

The biker jacket is a necessity due to the cold climate I live in. If you are blessed with a higher temperature you can replace it with a blazer or a thin leather jacket.



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