How to stick to new year’s resolution list

New years resolution

Hi guys

During this time of the year I like to review the year I had and set new goals for the year that is coming.


I started to write new year’s resolution list when I was 22. I used to write a really long list every year, one time I wrote 16 goals on my list. Honestly I had failed to accomplished most of them every year no matter how much I’d tried, except last year -or should I say this year-.  I’m happy to report that I achieved all goals on my last year’s resolution list and this is the story of how I did it.


I knew that I was doing something wrong so I searched for lifestyle coaches and advisers, people who have succeeded to achieve their goals and dreams. I’ve watched interviews, read articles, books and gathered informations and made notes. These are the most important and affective lessons I’ve learned and used:

1- First thing I’ve changed was the list. I found out that all successful people have one thing in common; they prioritize and focus on their goal, they won’t let anything distract them. I know for sure – I think you agree – that no one can focus on 16 different things at once, it’s just not possible. So make a shorter list that you actually can accomplish.

2-Research shows that it takes at least 2 months to adopt a new habit.It means if you want a permanent change in your life  you have to work on it constantly for at least two months . So depends on your personality, and how adoptable you are you can have a list of 4-6 goals per year.

3- This brings me to the next point: choose what you really want and you are passionate about it. This will bring you motivation which is the key to success. Please be realistic and honest about what you want. Here’s a tip; imagine that there is no expectation, judgment, duty, criticism … then write your list. Whatever comes to your mind is your true desire.
4-Although decisions are really important but without an action they will remain useless. Getting result is like going somewhere. Writing the list is just the first step, you need to take step after step to reach your destination. For this part you need to have a detailed plan, which we can talk about it for hours.

Please remember that I’ve learned all these from great teachers who share their experiences and wisdom through books, videos,….. The one I particularly love and admire is Marie Forleo . I am addicted to her videos and I’ve learned a lot from her.
What about you? Do you believe in new year’s resolution? How do you do it? Please share your recommendations and tips in the comments.


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