How To Patch a Broken Nail (beauty hacks)

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A while ago I found a picture on Pinterest about repairing a broken nail. I didn’t save the picture yet it was interesting enough that it stuck to my memory. A few days ago I decided to try it out on my broken nail and surprisingly it worked.

Essie nail polish

It’s really simple and easy. All you need is a clear nail polish and a piece of tea bag paper and a small scissor.

Essie nail polish

First cut a small piece of tea bag paper. Then apply one layer of clear nail polish on the broken nail.

Essie nail polish

Put the tea bag paper on it and cut it along the edge of the nail.

Essie nail polish

Apply the second layer of clear nail polish on top.

Essie nail polish

That’s it the piece of paper will keep the broken part attached. Remember to make sure that it drys completely before applying any nail polish on top. If you use base coat the result will be smoother. Do you know any other hacks to repair a broken nail? please share them in comments.




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