How to build a wardrobe on tight budget

How To Build a Wardrobe On a Tight Budget

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Colors and styles change from season to season while for most of us it’s not possible nor practical to change our whole wardrobe. So the best way to keep our style updated is to find pieces that works with the clothes that we’ve already have. To do so you need to have timeless pieces that you can mix & match. So how do you do that on a tight budget?

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1- Basic pieces

We all know that the most important part of any wardrobe is basic pieces. The trick is to pick appropriate pieces according to your lifestyle, job and age. Although I believe that one can be chic and stylish at any age it’s important to understand the difference between what is suitable for a professional woman and what suits a teenager. Also go for high quality pieces since you are going to wear them over and over again.

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2-Don’t let cliché define you.

Buy only pieces that you can match and mix without falling for “must-haves”. For example if white is not your color instead of white shirt buy a denim shirt. The point is have a well made shirt that you can wear on different occasions. Other colors that are good options are navy, beige, royal blue, grey or black. Having a white shirt just for sake of it, is waist of money and won’t help you in any way.

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3- Invest in jeans

You need at least one pair of jeans that fits you perfectly. Choose your favorite style and color then you can wear it all year around.  Since denims get better through the time you can look for a pair of jeans on second-hand websites. Remember “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.

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4-Accessories are important

When it comes to accessories pick your battle wisely; put your money on those that you love and use the most. Don’t pay too much for trends that won’t last more than a season instead go for classic pieces with high quality. For example a beautiful well made scarf will never go out of style and will make any outfit chic instantly.

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5-Bags and shoes

I suggest to go for faux leather. There are lots of beautiful well-made options available these days. They are less expensive and cruelty free. Zara and Mango have many different styles which are affordable and chic.

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6- Occasion outfits

You don’t need any fancy dresses in your wardrobe. So don’t spend your money on them, not even when they’re on sail. If there is a special occasion you can rent a dress. Just google “rent a dress” and you’ll find many websites that provide such a service. You can look like a million bucks without actually spending a fortune.




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