How to achieve your dream style

How to Achieve Your Dream Style?

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Social media is dominated by stylish beautiful good looking woman who are wearing incredible outfits. Although many of outfits we see on social media are not practical in a real life, they definitely inspire us.  On the other hand these photos make many girls feel envious and give them the courage to try new things. Sometimes trying too many new things can cause confusion and losing the sense of ones own style. Here are some simple steps to define your style and change it to your dream style.

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As the first step you need to take pictures of your outfit every day for a week. Dress as you normally would do and then take a photo in front of mirror. Usually a photo provides more details and it helps you to be objective.After a week  take a look at those photos and describe the style you see in photos. If you see that outfit on someone else how would you describe it. You can also ask your friends whom you trust to describe the way you dress in few words. Ask them to be fair and honest.

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Now that you know how you dress and what impression does it make on people around you it’s time for the next step. Go to Pinterest or Instagram and take a look at photos of your role model or the one person that you wish to be like. Describe her style in few words and compare them with the words you wrote in the first step. This will give you a fair perspective of what you’re trying to achieve.

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Now go back to those photo on social media and write list of all pieces that you’re idol wears regularly. For example if your role model wear jeans on almost every photo add jeans to your list. Pay attention to colors, fit and style of those pieces. Another example can be shoes; does your role model wear sneakers or ballerina more? The answer shows you what kind of shoes you need in your wardrobe. Keep going until you get every detail. Then check the list, be honest with yourself and cross those items that you know you would never wear.

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Now you have a list of everything you need to achieve your dream style. Please keep in mind that YOU DON’T NEED THE EXACT ITEMS. I can’t emphasize this enough; you don’t need to buy expensive stuff, just buy pieces that have similar shape, style or color. If you have a tight budget checkout this blogpost for some tips on building your wardrobe.

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The last thing to do is to cross-reference every piece that you’ve already owned with the list and get rid of those that you don’t want anymore and make plan for adding the new spices.



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