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Giving back is an investment, therefore give back today

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Law of 80-20

I’ve learned from @tombilyue the law of 80-20, which means I should spend 80% of time enjoying my achievements, growth and how far I came and give myself a pat on the back for my hard work. Whilst I spend 20% of my time on the dark side which are all the times that I didn’t deliver what I had promised myself, all my failures and how small are what I have achieved compared to my dreams and what I actually can be. That’s the only way to success, according to successful people that I admire tremendously @lisabilyue @tomBilyue. I also think that’s a way of living and I can apply that rule to any aspect of my life.

Two sides of one coin

We are living in a beautiful world. We, as the human race, have come so far in creation, achievements, discoveries…etc. As a result, we are living in a world that our ancestors could only describe it in their fairytales. I am grateful to be burn and live in such days and experience this way of living. THAT’S BEEN SAID, IT IS ONLY 80% OF OUR WORLD! WE HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE TO THIS COIN; THE 20% SIDE. We can’t and we should not forget about conflicts and wars that are happening all around the world, the victims, the kids, the families who have left with nothing…….. the poverty rate which is growing fast, kids who have no access to any education, food or shelter. The list can go on and on.

What can I do?

If every one of us who are lucky enough to live in safety and prosperity put a little bit of effort to help those who are in need, the world, our world, would be a much better place for all of us to live in. It’s an investment to create an even better, brighter and safer world for the future generation.  Any helps counts, if you can’t give money you can donate your time, the stuff that your kids don’t need anymore… the opportunities are endless. I personally prefer helping NGOs and non-profit organizations since they are already halfway there. They have the means to put my money in good use. One of these organizations is @famtofamily.

Family-to-family NGO

The Family-to-Family is a non-profit NGO that provides food and shelter for kids and families who are less fortunate. To do so they need any help they can get their hand on. Any help, even the smallest donation can make a huge difference in these peoples’ lives. Please join me to help them and remember giving back to society is an investment to the well-being of that society. You can find the direct link down below. Please follow it and read about their work and mission. Please support them if what they are doing is close to your heart.


Many thanks in advance.


Disclaimer: this post is a collaboration with Activate and Family-to-Family NGO.

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