Eight Tips For Traveling With Just a Carry-on

travel with a carry-on

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There are two reason that I don’t like to travel – specially in Europe – with anything but a carry-on; first is waiting for my luggage to arrive at the destination which is annoying and the second reason is the extra money that I often need to pay for it. So I do my best to fit everything I need in a carry on and here are the 8 tips that I follow to do so:


All airports and airlines have strict laws about carrying liquids and sprays in flight. Make sure that you follow the law otherwise you may be surprised when they throw  a bottle of your beloved perfume or hair spray into a garbage bag.
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Use different size of organizer bags or dust bags to separate your stuff like makeup, shoes, clothes…… In addition that it’s easier to pack your stuff you will know exactly where everything is when you need them.

how to travel with a cary-on



We all have a daily makeup routine so we know exactly what to take with us. If you think about a piece and your thoughts start with “IN CASE…” don’t take it, there is 99% chance that you won’t use it and I’m completely certain that you DON’T NEED IT.

how to pack light
This my makeup, sunscreen, eye cream and hand cream.


Have specific plan for your outfits. Check the weather at your destination during the period you’re going to be there, this way you know what to pack. Plan your outfits for every day accordingly.Lay them around, create a complete look -try them if you have time- to make sure that you are happy with each outfit.

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Don’t take more than three shoes and pick thoes that go with all of your outfits. I prefer to take a pair of evening shoes among them for a date night and ones that are comfortable enough to walk in for hours. Just remember to wear the most chunky ones and pack the other two pairs.

When it comes to bags pick two different sizes; one oversized bag to take with you in the plane and a smaller one to use while you’re exploring and walking around. You can carry the small one inside the big one into the plane so it won’t take any place in your carry-on.



Carry all your necessities in the large handbag with you. These are thing that you will need at any time during the flight. Things like travel documents, laptop, chargers, external battery, headphones, sunglasses, camera, reading material, hand cream, face mist, hand sanitizer and whatever you think you will need. Separate these in different categories and put them in separate organizer bags then put those bags in the oversize hand bag.

how to travel with a carry-on


Check your hotel website to see what is available in your room. For example you can find a blowdryer at almost every hotel room so you don’t need to take yours. Smallest details are important, don’t forget to take them into consideration.


Last but not least; carry the biggest clothes like your rain coat or jacket on your hand or wear them during the flight. This way you will have more space in your carry-on.

If you follow these eight steps it would be really easy to travel with hand luggage without compromising any thing.

tips for traveling with a carry-on
That’s all I take with me for 5- day trip.


Do you have any tips? Please share them in the comments.





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