DIY Hair Dye (coloring the roots)

color grey roots at home

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I started coloring my hair since really young age. Today I’m sharing with you some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way. If you just want to cover the grey roots or you want to go just a few shades lighter or darker this post is for you.

DIY hair dye

On the other hand if you want a dramatic change _for example if you have dark hair and want to go light blonde_ it isn’t something that you can achieve on your own you should go to a colorist.


-Don’t color clean hair, wait at least 48 hours after washing your hair. The natural oil will protect your scalp.

-Protect your skin. You can do that by applying a  thick layer of lotion or moisturizer aline your hair line. It will prevent any color stain on your skin.

-Wear something that you can take off easily, preferably a button up shirt.

-If you have a dark hair go for at least two shades lighter than the color you aim for.

-First color the roots and always starts from front and carry on to the back.

-Read the instruction, especially if you are a beginner. That will give a more clear understanding of the whole process.

-Comb your hair throughly, make sure there is no tangle.

Coloring kit

L’ORÉAL Excellence Cream and SCHWARZKOPF are two brands that provide easy, affordable hair color kit which are easy to use.  However there are a few differences and you can choose one depending on what you want to achieve. The L’oréal one will give you a glossier hair but it will fade very fast and you have to apply it more frequently comparing to the Schwarzkopf one.

L'OREAL hair color review

Both packages contain instruction pamphlet, a pair of gloves, small amount of hair conditioner, a tube of cream color, and a tube of developer cream.


In addition to all of that the Excellence Cream has a tube of protector lotion which you can apply to your hair ends before coloring it to protect those dry parts from getting damaged.

L'OREAL Excellence cream review

I’m sure that you have noticed that every shade has an specific name _both brands have that_ yet  in my experience people choose base on what they see not what they read on the package. You can trust the color chart on L’oréal package while the Schwarzkopf ones usually are darker than the color you see on the package, so be aware of that.

In my opinion for covering the grey roots Schwarzkopf is a better choice since it is not an easy task to dye your hair every 10-12 days not mention that it probably isn’t healthy either.



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