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DIY face mask

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This is another Pinterest hack that really worked out well for me so I thought to share it with you. This one is all about Nutella all over your face. Yes I tried this delicious chocolate as a face mask and it’s amazing. Before trying it I did a little bit of research about chocolate since it’s really important for me what kind of stuff I’m using on my face. I found out that Cocoa is one of the first beauty products that humans have used in addition to milk and nuts. Considering that Nutella contains Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts it is reasonable to assume that it is good for skin. Another exciting fact I found is that cocoa contains anti oxidant which we all know by now that is one of the most important elements that keeps the skin young and fights the wrinkles.

DIY face mask


So I decided to give it a go. After washing and drying my face I spread  a very generous amount of Nutella all over my face. After about 20 minutes when I decided to wash it off. I realized that the only way to take the mask off was to use a  washcloth or a knife- in the same way that I spread it on my skin_ I’m not going to lie it wasn’t an easy task.

After taking the mask off and washing my face, my skin was brighter, tighter and incredibly smoother than usual. I kept touching my skin, I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. This mask is going to be part of my skin care routine from now on. It’s cheap, widely available, smells amazing and works wonders.

If you have tried Nutella as a face mask please let me know. Don’t forget to mention your skin type, I really want to know if it works on every skin type.



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