Best Chunky​ Sweater ​for Winter 2019

I live in chunky, oversized turtle-neck sweaters during winter time. Here are some of my favorite ones and how I like to style them.

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Sweaters, as you all know already, are essential pieces in every wardrobe. My favorite ones are those with high-neck or turtle-neck. I live in chunky, oversized turtle-neck sweaters during winter time. Here are some of my favorite ones and how I like to style them.

Long turtle-neck


This sweater is from Lindex. It’s soft, cozy and has a long thick turtle-neck. ( Link to the sweater). Usually, I put my hair up in a bun when I’m wearing a turtle-neck, or I shove my hair inside the turtle-neck. I think it elevates the whole look.

colour block sweater from Lindex

I usually wear mine over my favorite faux-leather pants ( you can read about it here). Then I add a pair of over the knee boots and a hat to complete the look. It’s comfortable, chic and keeps me warm all day long. To keep this simple outfit from being boring, choose sweaters that have kind of exciting element. I chose this one with a color block at the front.


Although this one is oversized just like the first one, it’s not long. Therefore it sits perfectly well on the waistline. (link to the sweater)chunky sweater from Lindex

During winter I like to add a thinner sweater with a long turtle-neck underneath my high-neck sweaters. It will keep me warm whilst add a little bit of edge to the outfit. If you like you can add a trench coat on the top for an extra layer.

Sweater dress

Massimo Dutti knit wear

I live in this one during the winter when there is no snow on the ground. I bought it three years ago from Massimo Dutti and it still looks good. That’s what I call an essential piece, you can wear it year after year.

For this look, I added a slip skirt underneath. I like the lace coming out at the button, it adds a touch of sexiness to the look without being too much. My trick to keep the turtle-neck straight is to wear a scarf around my neck under it. it gives an extra support to the garment to stand upright.

Here are some of my favorite sweaters for this winter, in case you are looking to add some to your wardrobe.

best sweater for winter 2019

  1. Long, oversized turtle-neck by Mango. price: 349sek
  2. Chunky cable net sweater by Mango.  price:449sek
  3. Chunky turtle-neck by H&M. price: 399sek
  4. Fitted knit dress by Esprit: price 799sek
  5. Chunky sweater dress by JdY: price:349sek
  6. White knitted dress by Great Plains. price:1045sek
  7. High-neck cozy sweater by Mango. price:449sek
  8. Chunky knit sweater by Mango. price 349sek
  9. Colorful chunky sweater by Zara. price:399sek



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Leather​ Pants ( Faux Leather Pants)

Hi guys

If you follow me on Instagram (nastarann20), you know that I’ve been living in these faux leather pants aka treggings since I’ve got them.

Leather pants, style ideasI think a leather/faux leather skinny pants are the perfect choice for winter time. You can pair them with a simple knitwear or wear a beautiful dress on top and you are good to go. The key is to find a pair that suits your body type.

Leather pants, winter outfit ideasObviously, I was looking for faux leather leggings when I came across this one. In addition to a reasonable price (45€), it’s high-waisted pants which makes it perfect for curvy women like me. Also, you can choose the length which is rare when it comes to pants. ( check it out here).

winter outfit ideasThese faux leather pants fit like a glove without clenching at certain places or making me feel uncomfortable. Also, the material is soft and the quality is high. As a result, it doesn’t make me sweaty and hot.

Winter 2019 outfit ideasIf you are going to add one piece to your wardrobe this winter, let it be a pair of leather/faux leather treggings. You don’t have to go for this one, there are plenty of options out there. I leave links to few of them here for you.

Leather pants, winter 2019

1.Lost Ink, 2.Opus, 3.River Island, 4.Guess, 5.Patrizia Pepe, 6.Banana Republic


Which one is your favorite? please let me know in the comments.



Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored.