Where To Go In Sweden?

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Hi guys

When it comes to nature and magnificent scenery, Sweden has a lot to offer.  Many of these places have been described as “hidden gems” or  “a piece of heaven on earth”  by visitors. During summer time Ängelholm is one of those places.

Angelholm beach

It’s a beautiful city on the West coast in southern Sweden.  Beautiful houses stranded by beautiful gardens are all over the city. The long sandy seashore and clean blue water makes it perfect for both swimmers and sunbath lovers.

Nivea sunscreen

There are lots of local diners and bars in addition to hotels and B&Bs. If you are fan of camping there are several camping zones in the area too. There is also an adventure park called Upzone , that has one of the longest ziplines in Sweden. (more information here). Clean blue sky over the greenery creates a breathtaking view.

IMG_1015 2

If you like kayaking or canoeing,  Rönne River which runs through the city is perfect for you. This River is also one of the four rivers in Sweden which are popular for fishing salmons.Angelholm, Sweden

One of my favorite activities is cycling along the beautiful seashore especially before sunset. There are amazing views at both sides from harbors to ponds. This place is also attractive for nature photographers due to it’s astonishing sights.

Angelholm, Sverige

Hope you all get the chance to visit this beautiful city.

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The Most Romantic Spot in Copenhagen



Hi guys

Last week we decided to visit Copenhagen for a day. Copenhagen is known for beautiful seasides, old amazing buildings, shopping and the food.


In December in addition to Christmas market there is another attraction that I personally really like-beside the shopping- and it’s Tivoli the amusement park and garden.During the day it’s more suitable for kids and teenagers. Beside all the activities there are lots of festive decorations and music all over the park that make Tivoli more interesting at this time of the year. There are also a Christmas market every year where you can find every possible Christmasy objects from ornaments to chocolates and lights.

Tivoli Copenhagen

My favorite time is after the dark. The park and the garden turns to magical place when all the lights turns on. It’s really romantic and a perfect place to take a walk with love ones or have dinner at one of the restaurants.


Tivoli 4

If you get cold- which you most definitely would- there are big pots of burning coal here and there to warm you. I’m not going to lie these spots are my most favorites. Nothing can compete with standing by a warm small fire and watch all that beautiful light shows and listen to Christmasy musics.

Tivoli the amusement park

Tivoli in Copenhagen

The lake is one of the most beautiful spots in Tivoli Garden. Every hour from 19:45 the lakes turns to a magical place, a combination of light, laser dance, fire and music.

Tivoli In Copenhagen


We really had such a great time there that we’re talking about do this every year.






Prague Guide ( Restaurant review )

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If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that we went to Prague for five days last week.


If you are like me and love old cities, old buildings, beautiful views with lots of opportunity to walk around and explore a new city, you’ll love Prague as much as I do. One of the challenges during holiday is finding good quality food. Therefore I thought to share with you my feedback on some places that we ate at, while we are there.


1-Den Noc

Best place to eat breakfast. We actually went there twice. Pancake (sweet or savoury) is their specialty which is delicious. If you’re in Prague make sure you visit them. The place is small and staff are really friendly and caring. Fresh, tasty pancakes and smily faces make you feel at home.

They make you feel at home
They offer gluten free dishes as well.

2- Cafe La Creme

Worse place we went during this trip. The food was bad and the bread was at least one day old. The staff were ignorant and impatient. Last but not least It was definitely overpriced for such a bad service.

Cafe Le Creme Prague

3-Mlynec Restaurant

It’s a great place to go if you have 3-4 hours to sit on the balcony listen to the river and enjoy an amazing range of dishes one after another. I have to mention  that this one is on the pricey side. The food is delicious and well presented. The staff are professional and friendly at the same time so in my opinion it’s completely worth the price.

Mlynec Restaurant Prague
Amazing vegetarian dishes

4-Mistral Cafe

Despite being so popular ( people stay in line to eat lunch here) it was not that good. The best part was the dessert, we had fresh made fruit pie and chocolate cheese cake. The only thing that bothered me was the WiFi connection which just worked for few first minutes. After that I needed to disconnect and connect again and again in order to use it which was pretty annoying. I believe these days Wifi is part of the service and it matters to provide reasonable internet connection for customers.

Mistral Cafe Prague
Suitable for vegetarian.

5- Hemingway Bar

My favorite place in Prague. Hands down it’s the coziest bar with the most friendly yet prestigious personal.In addition to all that, those excellent cocktails and the Hemingway’s unique way of serving them makes this bar a must-visit place.   We went there twice and both times had a great time. It does not considered a cheap place in Prague yet comparing to Swedish bars the prices were unbelievably cheap. We had the best time there.

Hemingway bar Prague

6-Clear Mind (Lehka Halava)

It’s a vegetarian restaurant near the Charles Bridge (6-7 minutes walk). The food was delicious, fresh and the price is fairly low. We loved it. The place is cosy and staff were friendly enough. If you go there you probably meet Body, a very cute dog who lives upstairs and like to visit customers. She is so lovely and vegetarian off course. Unfortunately I don’t have any photo since we were very hungry and didn’t even think about taking photos.

There were other places such as CottoCrudo or Hard Rock Cafe that we went for  drinks, lunch or coffee which were good and hundred places we did not have time to try but these are highlights of this trip worth to talk about.




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Eight Tips For Traveling With Just a Carry-on

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There are two reason that I don’t like to travel – specially in Europe – with anything but a carry-on; first is waiting for my luggage to arrive at the destination which is annoying and the second reason is the extra money that I often need to pay for it. So I do my best to fit everything I need in a carry on and here are the 8 tips that I follow to do so:


All airports and airlines have strict laws about carrying liquids and sprays in flight. Make sure that you follow the law otherwise you may be surprised when they throw  a bottle of your beloved perfume or hair spray into a garbage bag.
COCO Chanel



Use different size of organizer bags or dust bags to separate your stuff like makeup, shoes, clothes…… In addition that it’s easier to pack your stuff you will know exactly where everything is when you need them.

how to travel with a cary-on



We all have a daily makeup routine so we know exactly what to take with us. If you think about a piece and your thoughts start with “IN CASE…” don’t take it, there is 99% chance that you won’t use it and I’m completely certain that you DON’T NEED IT.

how to pack light
This my makeup, sunscreen, eye cream and hand cream.


Have specific plan for your outfits. Check the weather at your destination during the period you’re going to be there, this way you know what to pack. Plan your outfits for every day accordingly.Lay them around, create a complete look -try them if you have time- to make sure that you are happy with each outfit.

zara shoes


Don’t take more than three shoes and pick thoes that go with all of your outfits. I prefer to take a pair of evening shoes among them for a date night and ones that are comfortable enough to walk in for hours. Just remember to wear the most chunky ones and pack the other two pairs.

When it comes to bags pick two different sizes; one oversized bag to take with you in the plane and a smaller one to use while you’re exploring and walking around. You can carry the small one inside the big one into the plane so it won’t take any place in your carry-on.



Carry all your necessities in the large handbag with you. These are thing that you will need at any time during the flight. Things like travel documents, laptop, chargers, external battery, headphones, sunglasses, camera, reading material, hand cream, face mist, hand sanitizer and whatever you think you will need. Separate these in different categories and put them in separate organizer bags then put those bags in the oversize hand bag.

how to travel with a carry-on


Check your hotel website to see what is available in your room. For example you can find a blowdryer at almost every hotel room so you don’t need to take yours. Smallest details are important, don’t forget to take them into consideration.


Last but not least; carry the biggest clothes like your rain coat or jacket on your hand or wear them during the flight. This way you will have more space in your carry-on.

If you follow these eight steps it would be really easy to travel with hand luggage without compromising any thing.

tips for traveling with a carry-on
That’s all I take with me for 5- day trip.


Do you have any tips? Please share them in the comments.