Where To Go In Sweden?

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When it comes to nature and magnificent scenery, Sweden has a lot to offer.  Many of these places have been described as “hidden gems” or  “a piece of heaven on earth”  by visitors. During summer time Ängelholm is one of those places.

Angelholm beach

It’s a beautiful city on the West coast in southern Sweden.  Beautiful houses stranded by beautiful gardens are all over the city. The long sandy seashore and clean blue water makes it perfect for both swimmers and sunbath lovers.

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There are lots of local diners and bars in addition to hotels and B&Bs. If you are fan of camping there are several camping zones in the area too. There is also an adventure park called Upzone , that has one of the longest ziplines in Sweden. (more information here). Clean blue sky over the greenery creates a breathtaking view.

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If you like kayaking or canoeing,  Rönne River which runs through the city is perfect for you. This River is also one of the four rivers in Sweden which are popular for fishing salmons.Angelholm, Sweden

One of my favorite activities is cycling along the beautiful seashore especially before sunset. There are amazing views at both sides from harbors to ponds. This place is also attractive for nature photographers due to it’s astonishing sights.

Angelholm, Sverige

Hope you all get the chance to visit this beautiful city.

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How To Use Your Time Well?

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I had a friend when I was a teenager who used to do her homework on the way to school, in a moving car. I, on the other hand, couldn’t even look down at my book without feeling sick. I still have the same problem. I get carsick so fast that I can’t even text someone while I’m in a car, bus or train. Therefore seeing someone reading a book or working on a laptop makes me envious of them. They’re using the precious time being proactive while all I can do is to look out of the window avoiding motion sickness, such a waist of time. If you have the same problem surely you understand my frustration.

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That’s one of the reasons that I love Audible. Since couple of months ago when I started to listen to my favorite books on Audible my life has changed. It actually lets me take advantage of the time I used to waist on my way to work or school. Nowadays I listen to any material that I find useful. Beside a huge range of books there are courses available that one can listen to, depending on one’s line of work or study.

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Audible is part of Amazon company. As a result all Amazon prime members are automatically sign to Audible and can use it for free. Since I’m not a member, I pay 14,99 dollar monthly for Audible and I can say with confidence that it  is money well spent. Every member receives one credit every month that allows them to buy a book without any extra charge. That’s how I roll, all books I have in my Audible library have been purchased by monthly credit. I can proudly say that I’m building an amazing collection for only 14,99 dollar per month, which is a bargain.



Other reasons to love Audible is that one can have it on every device from iPhone to Pc. It’s the easiest app I’ve ever worked with. No matter how limited is one’s knowledge of using computers or smart phones, they can get a handle on it in no time. Therefore I think it’s an amazing gift for almost everyone. You can give a membership as a gift to anyone you love, paying for only one month or the whole year. I think that’s a gift of lifetime.

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You also can share books that you like with your friends and family no matter where they are. For me that’s one of the huge advantages of Audible. Sharing knowledge is one of the most precious gifts. Also it reminds me of my childhood and all those books that my grandfather had bought me through the years. That was one of our family traditions. Twice a year he used to buy a book for all his grandchildren. Those books are still one of my most valuable possessions. The collection is his legacy in addition to be a reminder of his love and care for me . Now I’m trying to build a digital version on Audible, that will last forever , for myself and all those that I care about.

You can try Audible for two weeks free of charge. During this trial one can have two free audio books of their choice to listen to.

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Having Lunch in The City (Black&Beige Outfit)

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Hi guys

The Crêperiet in Lund is one of my favorite places. The place is kind of  rustic and cozy which put me in a good mood the moment I walk in. The staffs are friendly and welcoming

Creperiet in Lund


The food is amazing; fresh, tasty and delicious . They offer lunch buffet that includes three main dishes to choose from, drinks, green salad and bread. Although I haven’t tried the buffet yet ,for no other reason than lack of vegetarian dishes on the buffet menu.

I can sit there for hours reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, which is really good by the way, or working on my laptop after an incredibly delicious lunch.

If you ever come to Lund make sure you visit the Crêperiet.



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Lingerie Guide (Wardrobe Essential)


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Some of the most common wardrobe malfunction can be prevented by choosing the proper kind of underwear. To avoid that every woman need some pieces in her wardrobe.


Two type of bra is all you need. One is a T-shirt bra for your daily life. It should be comfortable and practical (here).  Then you need a strapless bra. When it comes to wearing almost any dress ,from off shoulders to spaghetti straps, strapless bra is the most practical option.(here)


Bra Accessories

Beside fashion tapes, there are two other accessories that you need.

First is a Fashion Solution pack. ( check it out here ). This pack contains a t-converter which helps you to pull the straps closer to each other. This one helps you to conceal the bra straps when you’re wearing a racer back or T back top. The other piece in the pack is a low back converter. This one comes in handy with a halter neck garment or any open back top.

The second must have accessory is a Nipple Cover or Petals (my favorite ones) This provides a smooth line under your clothing by covering the shape of your nipples when ever you don’t have a bra on.



I think there is nothing less attractive than a woman who feels so uncomfortable in her outfit that can’t walk or breath. So stay away from those extremely tight shape wears that make you feel you’re in jail. All you need is a light, soft slip on dress to wear under sheer clothing ( check it out here ). I personally wear night dresses. In addition to be sexy and really comfortable they give me a dissent coverage and smooth out any under wear line. ( check it out here and here )

You also need a Slipshort. This soft breezy shorts are lifesavers when you wear a short dress or skirt. You don’t need to grab on to your skirt all the time or get worried by every breeze that comes your way. I personally won’t wear any wrap dress without any Slipshort, to keep my modesty intact. Also for curvy girl like me these shorts are the best way to avoid thigh chafing. (I only use this one).


Remember what you wear underneath is as important as clothing, sometimes even more important than that. So make sure that your underwear, whatever you choose, fits you well. It’s a good idea to have someone to take your measurement time to time.



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