Sunday afternoon

Hi guys

I think the most comforting activity in the world is walking among trees. It always helps me to clear my mind and feel refresh. It’s even a better experience during the fall since it’s my favorite season. Today was one of those amazing time, I need to share it with you . please let me know if you liked it.



How to stress down?

Hi guys

Stress is an undeniable part of modern life. We can not ignore it but we definitely can manage it. “Manage” is a keyword here, because it is important to accept that we cannot eliminate stressful events from our life permanently. What can we do? we can be in control of our life and get to choose what is important and worth our attention and time. I have realised not that long ago that how I start my day is crucial and it defines the rest of the day. A relaxed morning puts me in control of not just the day also my mind. while whenever the day starts with chaos, it feels like I turn to a stress magnet and at the end of the day I am mentally exhausted.

Here are some steps that I take to “own the morning”.

1- Everything starts from the night before

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I believe that putting aside an outfit for the next day is a huge step. Do it to the smallest detail; cloth, shoes, accessories….. anything and everything even check the weather to make sure that you have everything that are needed according to the weather. That alone helps me alot. I always struggle to choose what I want to wear especially when I am in a hurry (Am I alone in this?).

2- Drink tea at the morning


I am a tea girl so for me it comes naturally but I understand that for coffee lovers it can be a challenge. Just give it a try. It has a soothing effect and give you a warm sensation feeling. Your body and mind will benefit from it. I prefer loose tea and my favorite is Sencha lime green tea that I purchase from a local retailer.

3-Have a routine

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Write down all things you do in the morning in order.Going around and not knowing what to do is time consuming as well as frustrating. You don’t need a huge plan just write down a simple list. It will help you to manage your time better and reduce the pressure.

4-Wake up 15 minutes earlier

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Set the alarm 15 minutes earlier. This extra time is your insurance policy in case any unplanned issue comes up. So you have time to manage it without being stressed out. And if you have extra time before living home, use it for anything you like. I usually use it to do small thing that has been ignored for a while.

5_ Don’t read the news


This is important. Unless you are a minister or in any decision making position YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ THE NEWS FIRST IN THE MORNING. That is true, you can catch up later during the day. Let’s be honest the news is mostly about sad and horrifying events and if you cannot do anything immediately about it you can read or watch it an hour later. Believe me it will not change anything. I am not telling you to be ignorant just do some prioritising and be kind to yourself.

This is my easy yet effective guide to stress-less day .  How do you start your day? How do you manage stress?