How To Use Your Time Well?

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Hi guys

I had a friend when I was a teenager who used to do her homework on the way to school, in a moving car. I, on the other hand, couldn’t even look down at my book without feeling sick. I still have the same problem. I get carsick so fast that I can’t even text someone while I’m in a car, bus or train. Therefore seeing someone reading a book or working on a laptop makes me envious of them. They’re using the precious time being proactive while all I can do is to look out of the window avoiding motion sickness, such a waist of time. If you have the same problem surely you understand my frustration.

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That’s one of the reasons that I love Audible. Since couple of months ago when I started to listen to my favorite books on Audible my life has changed. It actually lets me take advantage of the time I used to waist on my way to work or school. Nowadays I listen to any material that I find useful. Beside a huge range of books there are courses available that one can listen to, depending on one’s line of work or study.

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Audible is part of Amazon company. As a result all Amazon prime members are automatically sign to Audible and can use it for free. Since I’m not a member, I pay 14,99 dollar monthly for Audible and I can say with confidence that it  is money well spent. Every member receives one credit every month that allows them to buy a book without any extra charge. That’s how I roll, all books I have in my Audible library have been purchased by monthly credit. I can proudly say that I’m building an amazing collection for only 14,99 dollar per month, which is a bargain.



Other reasons to love Audible is that one can have it on every device from iPhone to Pc. It’s the easiest app I’ve ever worked with. No matter how limited is one’s knowledge of using computers or smart phones, they can get a handle on it in no time. Therefore I think it’s an amazing gift for almost everyone. You can give a membership as a gift to anyone you love, paying for only one month or the whole year. I think that’s a gift of lifetime.

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You also can share books that you like with your friends and family no matter where they are. For me that’s one of the huge advantages of Audible. Sharing knowledge is one of the most precious gifts. Also it reminds me of my childhood and all those books that my grandfather had bought me through the years. That was one of our family traditions. Twice a year he used to buy a book for all his grandchildren. Those books are still one of my most valuable possessions. The collection is his legacy in addition to be a reminder of his love and care for me . Now I’m trying to build a digital version on Audible, that will last forever , for myself and all those that I care about.

You can try Audible for two weeks free of charge. During this trial one can have two free audio books of their choice to listen to.

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Finish 2016 with kindness and generosity

give back to society
Hi guys
Today’s post was supposed to be about important moments of my life in 2016. When I was going through photos to find those that remind me of happy events, my achievements, those moments that I felt proud or motivated I came across this photo. For me this day was the highlight of the year  because I had all my family by my side. I was happiest during that time and no other moments in 2016 can match that.  I am thinking about how grateful I am to have them, their love and support. Then something crossed my mind that struck a chord. Thought of all those people who would never ever get the chance to experience such an amazing feeling again due to the war and violence and horrifying incidents that happened during 2016. All those kids that have lost their parents and would never hug them again. All those parents who lost their kids and will carry the pain in their heart for the rest of their lives.  I won’t sit here and write about all that awful violence that are going on around the world since I’m sure you all know about it. All I want is to share my moment with you and remind you of those who are not as lucky as the rest of us. Sadly there are lots of kids among them who have nothing left in this world, not even a safe place to sleep.

This time of the year is all about family, love, happiness and having a good time – and I truly wish nothing but all that for you- yet I felt a deep urge to ask you -humbly- to help them.  I’m aware that nothing can give them back what they’ve lost but we can give them hope, love and help them to survive this horrific time. We can show them that they are not alone, that the people of the world care about them and that the humanity is still alive. No matter how small our actions seem to be, it will become a significant amount all together.  As Aesop once said ” No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Happy new year.



Beautiful Fall

Hi Guys

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I can’t get enough of these beautiful colors that surrounds me. At every corner, after every turn there is a magnificent scenery. The crisp days, fogy mornings and afternoons, refreshing rain, all make these days even more magical. Walking in such a days is soothing and relaxing. Here are some photos I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.











Disclaimer: All photos are mine.

I’m Back



Hi guys

Since last post I wrote was 2 months ago, I thought there should be a little chat before I go back to writing again. Although I’m not ready to go to the details-one day I will write about it- I just want to point out that it was a conscious decision to stop writing. Sometimes life is going too fast that all one needs is to stop, take a breath and try to take all in, that’s what I did. Now I’m back and I will write twice a week  -as usual- about what I like and find interesting, hoping that you will like it too. last but not least thank you all for sticking with me and still reading my blog.

With love